UFO Thursday


When I picked up ALCEA this morning the neckine had been shaped and the shoulders bound off using a 3 Needle Bind Off.  She looked awfully funny in this state with the neck steeks uncut.

I took a deep breath and cut the neck steeks open.  It is always unnerving to take scissors to the knitting, isn’t it?  But then, she looked so much better after I cut those steeks.  Cutting those steeks actually made her look like a sweater!

Since the pattern I’m using is for a pullover and I am modifying it into a cardigan, I had to spend some time calculating how many stitches to pick up around the neckline (inbetween the front and back stitch holders). 

Now you may be wondering why I am doing the neck ribbing and button bands before I knit the arms because most cardigan patterns have you knitting the arms next.  I really wanted to get the ribbing out of the way since it is not my most favorite thing to do.  And, I can go look for buttons!

I initially picked up the stitches around the neckline using two circular needles.  This seemed cumbersome so I put all the neck stitches on just one circular needle.  The circular needle was a little too long which impended the stitches from moving easily along the coil. So,  I finally pulled out all the double point needles I had in the appropriate size and distributed the stitches evenly among six dpns.  It looks kind of funny but it worked just fine.

Then, this afternoon, I snuggled up in my favorite knitting chair and watched some recorded programs while I knit a corrugated neck rib.  

And here is Alcea with a completed neck rib.  Next week?  The button bands!

13 Comments on “UFO Thursday

  1. Looks fabulous – congratulations! I think I may try this out in my next Fair Isle . . .

  2. You are a brave woman…. I have never done steeks….I am not sure I could! LOL Oh – and you are also very talented – VERY! Great job.

  3. Alcea is gorgeous. I am so afraid of stranded and Fair Isle knitting. I am trying to work up enough courage to make a stranded pair of mittens.

  4. Alcea looks lovely! I don’t like doing ribbing on cardigans either and it’s probably because more often then not I end up having to do it twice.

  5. What a gorgeous sweater – thanks for documenting the steps – I want to do a fair isle this year, so its helpful.

  6. Yeah, I do the neckband & buttonband before the sleeves too… that way I’m really done after I do the sleeves (my least favorite part).

    Alcea looks wonderful. Seeing yours makes me want to cast on!

    Michele 🙂

  7. I am speechless as I look at your piece of art. You have done such a fantastic job & I love the ribbed neck.

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