Late this afternoon I suddenly came to realize that the house had steadily been getting colder and colder.  Sure enough, I went over and felt a heater vent and there was cold air coming out.  Bummmer!  I started a fire in the fireplace and almost immediately the pooch came over and begged to get up on the hearth so I put his bed up there.  He knows how to keep warm!   It is down to 62 degrees in the house…I wonder who will be going to bed early tonight?

8 Comments on “Brrrrrrr…..

  1. Your work is amazing!!!! It was wonderful to hear from you. Email me with your email address, I would love to talk to you more about family.

  2. Oh no!!! We went through this when it was really cold out. Thank goodness hubby was able to figure out what seemed to be wrong. Hope that you can get it fixed and it doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

  3. Schnooks (sp?) is one smart little guy!

    We have had a couple of days in the 60’s, but winter is back….with a predicted 6 inches of snow on Friday!

  4. I bet you’re glad you have wool clothes & socks to wear!

    Such a cute picture of your dog. I can see his relief.

    Michele 🙂

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