Personal Sock Club 2009 – Brown Bag One

Last month I told you that when I opened my first brown bag for the Personal Sock Club 2009, there were two skeins of Brown Sheep Wildfoote and a Cookie A. sock pattern.  Well, sadly the yarn and the pattern did not hit it off.  In fact, the yarn worked sorely against the lovely sock pattern to make sure the pattern would remain unfocused in the background while it reigned supreme.  And, for those of you who have knit Cookie’s patterns you know that they are not something you can just whip out.  I would consider most of her patterns to be intermediate to advanced.  They are typically an educational experience because Cookie likes to try unusual techniques that unfold the most intricate of patterns.

After I realized my yarn choice was forced to make a decision.  Should I pitch the yarn and find another yarn that worked with Cookie’s pattern?  Incidentally, there is a reason why many of Cookie’s patterns are knit with a solid color yarn.  Or, should I pitch the pattern and find one that worked with the yarn?  I concluded that my objective this year is primarily to knit down the stash so, I pitched the pattern.

The yarn is much happier knit up as YOGA SOCKS.  And my feet are much happier doing early morning yoga stretches since they are much warmer.  This pair of Yoga Socks used less than 50g of yarn.  I just might have to knit a few more of these!

I’ve really become a great fan of yoga and look forward to it every day.  I miss it on busy days when I can’t get around to it.  The stretches have helped with my flexibility which in turn helps me sleep much better at night.  You know – your spine is your life line!  My spine used to be much stiffer and the stiffness caused backaches when I slept on my side.  That is only one of the other many benefits I’ve experienced.  If you have never tried it you ought to give it a try!

7 Comments on “Personal Sock Club 2009 – Brown Bag One

  1. I love those socks. It is also interesting to read what one who practices yoga thinks of such socks. I have been remiss in my yoga practice, but am working to remedy that. My back will also thank me.

  2. love yoga too, don’t know what i’d do without it.
    I have these socks queued, hopefully I get to them some day.

  3. Good decision to pitch the pattern — your toes look so happy!!! 🙂

    I’m all about knitting down my sock stash too, but I keep replacing it at a faster rate. What’s wrong with this picture….???

  4. Good choice! Those are cute socks. There’s something about red and black mixed that really appeals to me.

    I need to start doing yoga again. I miss it. My body misses it.

  5. Very nice! You just reminded me that I wanted to make a pair of yoga socks…time to get started on that.

  6. Thank you, thank you! When I first started knitting, I was assured that one skein of Lorna’s would make a pair of socks. I think it was the woman’s way to get me to buy an overprice skein. Alas it has languished… until now! These will liven up yoga class! 😀

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