Siren Call

Lookey what I got in the mail this week……………….

The first package came across the Atlantic Ocean from Scotland.  I have FINALLY ordered something from Virtual Yarns.  I’ve been waiting for the exchange rate to get a little better since I had to pay in British Sterling pounds.

It was very difficult to select a color for this lovely wrap and I settled on Wild Orchid.  When I opened the package and saw the Hebridean yarn I wondered what all the hoopla was over it.  It was not until I started knitting the wrap that I discovered it was squishy soft to knit with and easy on the hands.  I like it much better than Jamieson’s Sprindrift which many Americans end up substituting when they knit an Alice Starmore fair isle sweater. 

The second package that arrived in my mailbox was from KnitPicks.  I could not pass up their 40%  off book sale.  SELBUVOTTER has been on my wish list for a while.  The history of Selbuvotter mittens is quite intriguing and I can’t wait to share some of it with you.  The traditional Selbuvotter mittens are knit with black/white yarn but I have seen lots of colored ones over on Ravelry so I think the patterns in this book will give me years of enjoyment and variety.

And something else I will be knitting from Knit Picks is this adorable, adorable, adorable MR. FOSTER!  How could anyone resist this sock monkey?  Especially, if one has  hosted several ‘Monkey Swaps!” 

I plan to take Mr. Foster with me on all my travels.  I think he will be a willing model for me in photographs and won’t tell me he is having a ‘bad hair day’ and can’t pose!  Wouldn’t you agree?

9 Comments on “Siren Call

  1. Love all your purchases Mr. Foster is very sweet. I have been visiting the Virtual Yarns site often and have my eye on the Seaweed Scarf too. But our exchange rate is not good at the moment either so have not ordered anything yet.

  2. I have the Selbuvotter book too and need to knit at least one of the patterns. They are all so nice. When I saw the Sock Monkey in the new KP’s catalog, I immediately thought of you! (LOL) I remembered your “Monkey Swaps”.

  3. Fabulous all around. I’m jealous of your Starmore, but it’s the Selbuvotter that I think you’ll love the most!

  4. Great score! I am a Starmore junkie – wish I had the cash to buy ALL her kits. Her yarn is really really nice to work with.

  5. Very nice – I’m completely jealous about the Starmore – did you start it (I assume you did since you made the comment about how it knits, but that could have been the swatch). I’ve always wanted one of her kits but the prices are a little much. Maybe I should go look again…

  6. I love that color of the Starmore yarn! If you decide that you hate it, I’ll take it off your hands! 😉

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