Those Pesky Ears

When you use the kitchener stitch to close up the the toe of your top-down socks, do you end up with pesky ears at each end of the toe?  Well, I have.  I recently read about a way to fix those jagged corners in one simple trick. The result is a smooth, rounded toe.  I tried it, it worked,and now I pass the tip on to you………..

The trick is to decrease one stitch at the end of each needle by passing the first stitch on the needle over the second stitch. Are you ready?


1.Slip the two right-hand stitches from the needle they are resting on to a spare needle.  Pass the right hand stitch over the left-hand stitch and then move the resulting single stitch back to the needle it started on.


 2.  Repeat this step on the back needle with the purl stitches  facing you. 

3.  Turn the work and repeat for the other two needles.

After you have decreased on all four needles you will be ready to graft and kitchener as usual.  Voila!


8 Comments on “Those Pesky Ears

  1. Actually, I do that exact same thing for my toes. I read it somewhere??? several years ago. Works like magic, doesn’t it!!!

    As for the monkey – I am thinking about making it for the grandbabe. What do you think about the stuffing materiel? I would like it to be machine washable? Any suggestions/experience with such? I don’t want it to get all lumpy bumpy. I really am not knowledgeable……

  2. ahhh what a neat trick! I 3 needle bind off my toes but i’ll remember that in case I do need to kitchener some day!

  3. Thanks for that tip – I always have ears on my kitchener toes, too. And is that a new sock? Love that colorway!

  4. Bril, I don’t usually get an ear in the right side for some reason, only a wee one on the left. I’ll have to give this a try on my next sock!

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