Addicting Orchid

Lace knitting has always been difficult for me and I’ve never really enjoyed it until now. 

I am mesmerized by The Orchid (Seaweed Wrap) and am forcing myself to put it down every day to give my other projects a fair shake.  One repeat is twenty-four rows and that is my daily dose but the lace bug has most certainly bit me!


8 Comments on “Addicting Orchid

  1. I have always liked lavender but in your lace scarf it is even prettier. Which yarn are you using?

  2. How gorgeous! I have always loved seeing that lace pattern in different lace pieces. Also, yay, purple!

  3. These last 2 posts are absolute heaven for me! I could enjoy looking at those green cables in Inishmaan and that gorgeous purple lace for a LONG time!! In fact I’ll go back to look again as soon as I finish this comment 🙂

  4. It’s so lovely – both the pattern & the color. I have now confine my lace knitting to more repetitive patterns with rest rows & thus makes it more enjoyable to knit.

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