A New Toy and an Afternoon Walk

I went to the Post Office today to pick up a new toy, a Canon 30D camera body. I am very excited about this upgrade!  The camera it is replacing went into some kind of focusing frenzy last week and every picture I took was bad.  And, unfortunately, focusing manually wasn’t much better. 

I upgraded to a low-end professional camera body. This is a sweet camera!  I took it on a walk this afternoon for a preliminary test drive and was pleased.  I’ve only tryed out one of my lenses, the 17-40mm wide angle lense.  There will be more time for playing with the 50mm tomorrow.

It is very, very dry here in Colorado.  In fact, I’ve never seen it this dry up here in the mountains.  There was a forest fire down the road last week which burned 70 acres.  Fire trucks have come in from other parts of the state and are parked here and there on the roadsides keeping an eye on things.  I have a feeling we are going to have a long, scary summer.  We need snow and LOTS of it!  March and April are usually our snowiest months and we’ve only had one light snow thus far.

My current Digital Photography School assignment is to take a self-portrait.  Like most of us, I would rather be behind a camera instead of in front of it.  Do you think this next photograph will count as a self-portrait?  Probably not. 

I think I will take some ‘knitting related’ self-portraits tomorrow.  Any ideas?

2 Comments on “A New Toy and an Afternoon Walk

  1. My daughter must live down the road from you. She has a couple “Go” bags packed and ready just in case.

  2. Beautiful photography already!! It’s going to be fun to see all your pictures with this fancy new camera! (I still haven’t figured out my simple point and click camera – I need to go to photography school!)

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