A Photo Meme for Leanne

Although I love reading memes, I have not done one in a while or responded when tagged.  However, as I was playing around with the new camera last night I received a meme from an old high school friend . I was struck with inspiration and decided that it would be a lot of fun to compose a photo meme for Leanne and send it back to her.  I’m posting it for you, too in hopes that you will be struck with some creative juices and do your own photo-meme.  If you do, please let me know so I can see it!

The following picture was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park using a self-timer many years ago . I’m the young woman on the left with the serious hair perm and my friend, Leanne, is on the right.  She was working in the Park that summer and I had come up to go backpacking with her.

Me and Leanne

So here is a little meme for Leanne, who stirred up a love for the mountains in my soul that has never left.

A 2009 Photo Meme

 There are more details in the links below:

1.  What I am Afraid of, 2.  A Typical Breakfast, 3.  Coffee or Tea?,

4.  Favorite Soft Drink, 5.  How many keys, 6.  Morning or Night Person,

7.  Time I Got Up Today, 8.  Favorite TV Show, 9.  Last film I saw,

10.  Favorite Restaurant, 11.  Disliked Food, 12.  Favorite Sandwich,

13.  Middle Name, 14.  Car I drive, 15.  Character trait I despise ,

16.  Favorite Brand of Clothing, 17. Vacation I want to take, 18.  Favorite Flower

There were many other questions in the meme but I will save for another day.  For now, this is a little photo glimpse into me.

One Comment on “A Photo Meme for Leanne

  1. I usually don’t even read meme’s, but this one is really great – I love PICTURES!
    and I especially love the first picture 🙂

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