Assignment: Vivid

This week’s assignment in Digital Photography School is to take pictures of things that have ‘vivid’ color.  I snapped a few this morning and will continue to keep my eye open throughout the week to find some other vibrant opportunities.

First up is a VIVID LEMON.

I love lemons.  I love anything that has a lemon flavor – lemon tarragon chicken, frozen lemon mousse, lemon sorbet, lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, coconut cake with lemon filling, and my list goes on and on.  I even love eating lemons in their natural state, dipped in just a bit of sugar.  If there is a lemon flavored desert on a menu my selection is made without even seeing what other deserts are proffered.  But something happens to my body when I eat a lemon.  It is quite embarassing.  My right eyelid closes in slow motion and then reopens. It is always my right eyelid , never my left lid.

And what can possibly be more refreshing that water over crushed ice with a lemon twist?  Only one drink, a diet Chick-Fil-A Lemonaid, that’s what!

Next up is a VIVID NOTEBOOK.

I am a sucker for school supplies, especially cute notebooks and binders.  I have a multitude of them around the house and my husband just does not understand why I buy them.  We have no children around anymore but I guess I must be one in my heart.  I can’t resist picking these cute notebooks up.  They didn’t have anything this cute when I was in school.  We had a choice of plain blue, plain red or plain black.  What will I put in this particular notebook?  Most likely it will be filled with knitting notes of some sort.

Speaking of knitting, my third VIVID picture of the day is some VIVID LIME YARN.

I received two skeins of this sportweight yarn several years ago in a swap.  I haven’t been able to envision what it should be and it sits neglected in my yarn stash.  Do YOU have any ideas?

5 Comments on “Assignment: Vivid

  1. Your photographs are amazing I wish I could take such clear well focused ones. I have a good camera I just need to know how to use it or get some inspiration from you and do a course. I agree with you about school stationary we didn’t have anything as beautiful and fancy as our kids do these days. The green yarn is gorgeous how about a lovely lacy scarf?

  2. Oooh, what pretty yarn! Maybe it’s because I’m doing some colorwork right now, but I can’t help but see that green mixed with some black or dark gray in some pretty mittens or fingerless mitts.

  3. LOL! My son is a Chick-Fil-A manager and will be happy to know how well you like their lemonade! I know they sell tons of it. I agree with Helen that your photos are amazing!

  4. Very pretty pictures! I love lemon too – and love it with water. The green yarn is so pretty – very spring-y!

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