A Family Weekend

My family was reunited this past weekend when the newlyweds, Jennifer and Bob, came for a quick ski trip to Colorado. Allison came up from Colorado Springs to spend the weekend with us. 


So many of our family occassions have been celebrated at Fargos Pizza Company through the years so when we asked Jennifer where she would like to eat after seeing a movie she quickly replied, ‘Fargo’s Pizza!’ 


Although Fargos gets mixed reviews, we still find the ambiance and decor of the place really fun.  No matter what time of day we go, the place is always busy.  The decor inside is set during Victorian times and the servers all wear vintage clothing.  In addition to being busy, the place is typically pretty loud with a player piano strumming out its music. 

My Loved Oneds

Why do we like this place?  I think mostly because of all the family memories.  The place is a bit cheesy. 

We always order the same thing.  A large pepperoni pizza and a medium pizza that is half vegetarian, half meat-lovers.  Magic mirrors tell you when your food is ready.  And, although there is an arcade to pass your time while you wait for the pizza we don’t spend our time waiting in this manner.  What do we do?  Well, we make silly faces and take photographs of each other’s eyes in the following fashion:

Speaking of eyes……the weekend was over in the blink of one!  There will be another reunion in a few weeks when we travel to Tennessee for Easter.  And, hopefully, Mr. Foster will be making that trip with us.

7 Comments on “A Family Weekend

  1. Fargos!!!!!! I had forgotten all about Fargos! We used to go there all the time…… Yes, the magic mirrors! Oh what fun……….. (I agree – gorgeous family!)

  2. I agree with everyone too you have a lovely family & know how to have a great time together!

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