Half of a Seaweed

The halfway mark was reached on The Orchid, my Alice Starmore Seaweed Wrap Shawl, yesterday as the snow flurried down.  I continue to be mesmerized by this pattern and have repeatedly reminded the hubster that this my favorite knitting project – ever. 


The Hebridean 2-ply is a joy to work with.  So much so, that I bit the bullet and finally ordered the OREGON VEST that I have so long admired.  My timing was good in ordering the vest because the exchange rate between the UK pound and US dollar has shot up this week. It is still far better than what it used to be when I started admiring all the sweaters at Virtual Yarns.

9 Comments on “Half of a Seaweed

  1. Your wrap is looking so beautiful already. I can’t imagine how breathtaking it’s going to look once it’s blocked!

  2. Seaweed Wrap is gorgeous in Orchid! I didn’t realize there was so much “lace” on that pattern. It doesn’t really show in the VY picture so it’s really nice to see it all stretched out.
    You will love Oregon!

  3. It’s so beautiful and you have inspired me to buy it bit I’ve chosen a different colour. All that I need to do now is work out how to make time to knit it.

  4. Where can I get the pattern or kit? Is it straight from Virtual Yarns? Thanks to Carolyn finding my blog, I found your blog. It is on my favorites list.

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