The Colors of Oregon

This morning, as I was knitting my Seaweed Wrap, I was listening to Brenda Dayne talk about Alice Starmore on the Cast-on podcast called Personal Best. She praised this designers’ incredible sense of color as she interviewed another woman who had just finished the Oregon Sweater. I believe that I mentioned in my last post that I had recently ordered the Oregon Vest from Virtual Yarns and so, listening to this podcast filled me with even more anticipation of my soon-to-be delivered package from Scotland. When I drove down to the mailbox and opened my box I almost hyperventilated when I saw the following postage label –  

I was a good girl and resisted the urge to rip open the package then and there.  I knew it would be an adventure in color and I wanted to savor every minute.

Layer 1


Layer 2

Layer 3

Stunning colors, aren’t they?  A feast of the eyes!  Makes a trip to Oregon in the autumn awfully appealing.

On the bottom of the package was the pattern.  The colorway the model is wearing is ‘Spring’ and I think these colors are incredible.  I ordered the ‘Autumn’ colors because they are suited more for my skintones. 

I am very, very excited about knitting this vest but won’t be able to start it until the Seaweed Wrap is done.  I did a few calculations and figured out that I need to knit 33 rows a day on the wrap for it to be finished in time to go to Tennessee with me.  I pulled out the reversible skirt that I will be wearing it with and I think it will look great with either side of the skirt. 

Afterall, one does need to travel light these days, right?

20 Comments on “The Colors of Oregon

  1. I’m working on the Oregon cardigan in autumn colors. the skeins are eye candy, but the knitting is even better. Your orchid shawl–which color is more true, the pinky one (previous post) or the lavender-y one? They’re both beautiful, but I’d suit the lavender- color better. After receiving your e-mail i visited Virtual Yarns, and had my shopping cart done, then remembered my promise to myself to finish certain othr projects first. So very bravely I clicked off. 😦

  2. The wrap and skirt will be beautiful outfits. I look forward to your progress on the vest- gorgeous.

  3. I just love Royal Mail packages!
    Seeing it & the yarn made my heart beat faster too!
    Almost as good as receiving it myself!
    Have fun! 🙂

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAggggg! I want them all!. I only have to finish Scalpay, Fern, Rosemarkie, Celtic Swirls and Dunadd before I do Oregon. I have about 2 inches of Rosmarkie done and 6 inches of Scalpay so I will just have to enjoy looking at your kit colors for now. Your wrap is beautiful.

  5. The skirt and the wrap look fabulous together. And I love the Oregon Vest and it’s such a wonderful feeling when you see that there is a parcel there waiting for you.

  6. You are going to love knitting Oregon. I loved every minute of it. Sometimes I open the dresser drawer just to look at it. Your Seaweed wrap is beautiful!

  7. What a great package! I don’t know how you resisted (a) ripping open the box immediately and (b) casting on right away!

  8. Oregon is on my wish-list too! I think the colors and the design are absolutely stunning. (I just succumbed about a week ago and ordered the Abalone kit myself…..)

    Your wrap is looking great too!

  9. I love getting to see each layer – what a yarn feast! I have been “almost” clicking on that vest for a year – putting it in the cart and then backing out at the last minute. I will buy it someday! 33 rows a day??? I’m lucky to get 4 rows/day on my wrap!

  10. OMG. You are making it VERY difficult to resist a Starmore purchase. That yarn is just spectacular. I’m off to her website to drool some more.

  11. That is gorgeous. I know how hard it is to resist starting a new project when you have one you really want to start. Hope the knitting goes quickly for you on the wrap so you can start the vest.

  12. What a gorgeous color palette for the Starmore!

    Seaweed is going to be gorgeous with either side of that skirt. Lovely!

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