Stars in My Eyes

I’ve been completely captivated by my three ‘STAR’-more projects  – Inishmaan, the Seaweed Wrap and the Oregon vest. I just need to knit a saddle on the second sleeve of Inishmaan and she will be ready to seam up. The Seaweed Wrap has about six inches left and it will be ready for blocking at the end of the week. Unfortunately, the wrap did not accompany me to Tennessee as planned. When I discovered that I would only be taking a small carry-on bag I quickly realized the wrap would occupy too much space in my suitcase. I set it aside to finish this week. But the ‘star’ that has completely mesmerized me and captured my undivided devotion is the Oregon Vest. Are you surprised? Probably not!

Swatching….. I do not love thee. 

I have grown to understand how important swatching is but this diminuitive swatch is just about all you can get out of me!  I would love to have a bulletin board decorated with full-size swatches but it won’t be happening anytime soon in this household.  I must confess, the fear of running short of yarn is the main deterrent in my finishing a decent size swatch.  I will scrutinize the yarn left over from this precious VY kit to determine if I can justify a full swatch for my next Virtual Yarn project.

Corrugated Ribbing ….. let me ride the convulated ridges of your colors.

I’m not overly fond of knitting corrugated ribbings but do admire their beauty.  The K2 in first colour, P2 in second colour stranding the yarns evenly on the wrong side is tedious.  Using my right hand for purl stitches and my left for knit stitches is hard on my hands and they tire easily.

But now the tedious swatching and ribbing are over and I’m ready to move on to the FUN part!  Using such names as ‘corncrake’, ‘limpet’, ‘kelpie’, ‘storm petrol’, ‘lapwing’………………I will imagine myself upon the Scottish Highlands.  Oh, wait a minute – aren’t I supposed to be in OREGON?

12 Comments on “Stars in My Eyes

  1. That vest is beautiful! Fair isle is so much fun. Looking forward to seeing Inishman and your shawl:)

  2. Funny you mention swatching as I am doing the same at this very minute. All of your projects are gorgeous!

  3. I am right there with you on the corrugated ribbing — love the look, but the execution, well, not so much.

    What you have done looks fantastic!

  4. Oh, how beautiful! Aren’t the names perfect? Although…you know your VY obsession may be a problem when you’re able to name the different shades just by looking at them. Not that I would know. Not really.

    What colour is your Seaweed Wrap?

  5. Gorgeous swatching! I am so frugal with yarn that if I do make a swatch, I always unravel it to be used in the project.

  6. Much as I love how my Fall Oregon cardigan is coming along, I just adore (not descriptive enough) your colorway. Can’t wait to see more.

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