Platte River Trail Hike

1. Platte River Trail, 2. First Glimpse of River, 3. Kappy Leads, 4. Happy Kappy, 5. First greenage, 6. Hiking down, 7. Platte River, 8. Platte River, 9. Tarryall, 10. Making pine mulch, 11. Spring Flower, 12. Pasqual Flower, 13. First Flowers of the Season

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

My daughter and I went hiking on the Platte River Trail this afternoon.  It was just a short drive to get there, only twenty minutes.  The hike was beautiful despite the overcast skies and cool temperatures.  We saw the first wildflowers of the year which is a sure sign of Spring.  The purple flower is a Pasqual flower and is our version of the tulip. We also saw pine mulch being made (bottom left corner) and when we rolled down our windows the smell of pine was intense and lovely.  When I saw men flyfishing for rainbow trout in the river I told my daughter that we needed to plan a kidnapping of her dad to take him flyfishing, something he once enjoyed. 

Happy Kappy Sleeping

This little hike wore us out and we were ready to rest when we got home.  It also made us miss the Coleman camper we once had and we decided we would work on the Dad to get us another one.  Our family has many fond camping memories.  I love Colorado and, quite obviously, I’ve gotten attached to the daughter’s poochie!

6 Comments on “Platte River Trail Hike

  1. Gorgeous pictures! Its been to rainy here on the weekends to walk, but hopefully we’ll be able to soon – so nice to be in the woods!

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