Long Time Coming

Life has been busy these days leaving little time for blogging.  I feel out of touch with my cyber-friends and decided it was high time I spend a few minutes here posting and catching up on some blogs.

A young friend of mine went to Boston leaving her two daughters with me for four days. I am their surrogate grandmother and they feel like my home is their second home.

We had fun having tea parties, drawing chalk pictures on the patio, playing three square with a ball, blowing bubbles, cooking together, watching movies and playing games.  I was quickly reminded of how difficult a task mothering young children is AND how utterly exhausting it is!  I literally fell into bed each night. Every minute with my sweet visitors was enjoyed but this empty-nester spent several days recovering afterwards!

I’ve reached the armhole steeks on my Oregon Vest and will begin shaping the V-neck today.  Inishmaan is all ready to be sewn up and I’m just reading up on a few techniques before I start that arduous task.  I have not show you my SWALLOWTAIL SHAWL knit with the Knit Picks Gloss Sock Yarn that KnitWit gave me several years ago. 

I’m enjoying knitting the shawl with this Knit Picks yarn, it’s nice and soft.  The Addi Turbo Lace needles are absolutely a dream to knit with.   The tip is nice and sharp and can slice right into those nupps!

On the Novel 100 project, I have finished Fathers and Sons which left me sad.  I finished The Three Musketeers which left me smiling and wondering how Hollywood can so botch a movie.  I’m currently reading Bleak House by my favorite author, Charles Dickens.  It is a long novel!  I am on page 436 and the novel is 817 pages long so I’m just a little over half-way done.  I enjoy the way Dickens develops his characters and they often leave me chuckling.

Bleak House

And, I’m patiently waiting for furniture to be delivered for my great room.  Mountain furniture at last!  Be gone flowered couches!  Here is the ottoman to an oversized leather chair which will be delivered on Monday along with two couches.  I am hoping that oversized leather furniture in a large room with cathedral ceilings and huge stone fireplace will make the room feel more cozy.

Leather Ottoman

And what is sitting on that ottoman?  A SOCK!  Imagine that!  Me, knitting a sock………..it has been a long time……..

5 Comments on “Long Time Coming

  1. It’s nice to have you back. I’m looking forward to seeing all the almost-finished projects. I would certainly enjoy some young visitors at our house. I think that’s why I still enjoy substitute teaching once in a while, even though I’m retired.

  2. Sounds like a fun time with the kids – but it sounds exhausting too!

    Love the lace – gorgeous! And looking forward to seeing more of the sock…

    Enjoy the new furniture! It looks lovely

  3. Looks like you and the girls had lots of fun together. Judging by your description and the look of the ottoman your great room will look fabulous. The Swallowtail Shawl looks really lovely.

  4. Your Swallowtail is looking lovely, and I’m so glad to see that you’re making good use of the Gloss! I think you’ll find it makes a really cozy shawl.

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