Super Summer UFO Challenge

June 1st was the start of a new UFO Challenge on Ravelry which will last fifteen days.  I have decided to dedicate this time solely to my Inishmaan sweater.  Let the seaming begin!

Seaming of the Inishmaan

I don’t really enjoy this finishing process and am not very good at it.  In fact, I would love to take a class on sweater finishing at some point.  I have a couple great resources but the problem in my case is that I am very visual and my stitches never seem to look like the ones in the book’s diagram!  Anyone have any great tutorial links?

Where is my couch?

I woke up this morning to my pooch curled up in his bed in the middle of an empty room.  This was hilarious to me because yesterday he freaked out when we moved his favorite couch out into the garage.  I can only imagine what he thought this morning when he hopped out of our bed and ventured out to find his second bed and discovered it was still gone.

Napping Ally

The living room furniture arrived in drizzling weather and is nice and soft.  My daughter was here and spent the afternoon rearranging bookshelves to her liking.  I must admit, they do look much better.  She crashed and took a nap afterwards in the oversized chair.   Doesn’t she look comfy?  And, she looks just like she did when she was three years old sprawled out taking a nap, only now she is 5’9″ tall.  She would kill me if she knew I took a picture of her napping but then, isn’t that what mother’s do?

7 Comments on “Super Summer UFO Challenge

  1. My suggestion for seaming your Inishmaan is Mattress stitch. I had never used it until I knit an AS sweater but it is wonderful. My favorite tutorial site for this stitch was at LionBrand. Good luck! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Seaming is also my least favorite part of knitting sweaters, but I get through it because I know I’ll want the finished garment once I’m done. So use the idea of that gorgeous FINISHED sweater of yours as motivation!

    I think that big chair might be the perfect napping spot. I don’t blame your daughter for testing it out!

  3. I think that over sized chair is awesome. It would be great for reading with the little ones. I hope that the seaming on your sweater goes quickly. I am also not a fan of seaming. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. Good luck on your finishing process. Not my favorite part either.

    Seeing your sweater makes me determined to begin mine this week… hopefully!

  5. I don’t like seaming either and I am not very good at it. I don’t know of a tutorial site for seaming sweaters but some time ago I purchased Janet Szabo’s ‘I Hate to Finish Sweaters’ Guide to Finishing Sweaters. I have not completely finished reading it but so far it is very informative and very good.

    Your new lounge chairs look great!

  6. Good luck on finishing it -seaming isn’t my favorite either but I tend to do it all in mattress stitch.

    Poor pooch! Sleeping in the middle of the floor. He looks so cute.

    Isn’t Bleak House great? It’s my favorite Dickens.

  7. I don’t like seaming too & I tried to knit sweaters without seams. Good luck on your seaming.

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