The Mum Organizes Her Living Room

My living room is a place where we can relax, read, watch TV, watch a roaring fire or spend time with family and friends.  With the new furniture coming, I decided that this was the week to take a serious look at how things were organized in it.  Since this is the room people enter when they come to visit I want everything to have a designated place so that cleanup is quick and easy and I can be ready for company in fifteen minutes or less.

The first thing I did was decide what the functions were for this room.  I know, it sounds kind of crazy and simplistic but when I made a list of the things that are done in this room I immediately saw how many items in the room really did not belong in that room!  I removed everything that does not serve the functions of the living room.  I returned those items to their rightful places and started to find new homes for the ones that didn’t have a rightful place.  This was an effort in staying focused because it was very easy to get distracted from the task on hand.

I broke the bookshelves into zones – games under the television, photo albums under the left bookshelf, books alphabatized on bookshelves and grouped by fiction/non-fiction.   

I cleared off the coffee table and followed my daughter’s advice of putting extra couch pillows on the table top.  The coffee table will now double for extra seating when we have a large crowd and it will keep clutter off the coffee table. I read once that you should never keep more thatn three items on your coffee table or it would end up as a clutter table.  I’ll try these pillows for a while and see if they work.  My current knitting projects are kept in the baskets under the tabletop. Eventually this coffee table will be replaced and I will put this one by the front door and tuck hats/gloves/mittens in the baskets.  When I start looking for coffee tables and end tables I will most certainly look for ones that provide storage.


I designated one spot for the TV remote control so my husband could always find it.  This little Longaberger basket is perfect for that.  I keep one basket for magazines, keeping only the current issues with the one exception of Interweave Knits.  I keep one basket for newspapers.

I hung some of my photographs on the wall instead of having them take up space on the bookshelves.  I made a little collage of beloved family members and everytime I walk into my bedroom fond memories bubble up in my heart putting a smile on my face. 

The fireplace mantel was cleared off and I put a favorite framed painting on it along with a few other favorite things.  This is a picture of the old Smithsonian purchased when we spent five weeks in Washington D.C. many years ago.  It always evokes fond memories for us as a family.


I kept only the things I really cherish on my bookshelves and got rid of excessive knickkacks….goodbye, Mr. Snowman and strange flowers.  Now I have photographs I took in Europe, Longaberger baskets, courting candles and pinecones and lanterns. 

 Next, I took a serious look at all of my walls.  I took everything down and then only put back my very favorite things.


The last think I did was to change the round table top cover by my front door to look more ‘woodsy’.

I truly love my living room now and think it reflects who I am.  Surprisingly enough, I feel right at home and hopefully, my guests will feel right at home, too.

A house is who you are, not who you ought to be.  – Jill Robinson

12 Comments on “The Mum Organizes Her Living Room

  1. I have serious living room envy. Once our kitchen is done, do you want to come out to PA and decorate our living room? 😉

  2. That’s inspiring! Your living room looks great — inviting and elegant all at once. Can you do that with my house? ; )

  3. Wow. You are the polar opposite of me. I’m so far from organized that I’m relatively sure my husband would think the end of the world was coming if I got even 1/4 that organized.

  4. The warm and inviting, organic and natural, space you have created is lovely. I would love to be your neighbor and come over for a cup of tea and an hour or two of knitting time!

  5. You have done a great job organising the living room – it’s looks great!

  6. Are you for real? This looks like something out of a magazine (but in a totally livable way). Seriously, this is so nice – warm and tiddy without being over the top or fake.

    BTW: This is my first visit to your blog. I found you by a comment you left on a blog I regularly read.

  7. I love your stitcheries on the wall, especially the Three Bears and Goldilocks! What a nice home.

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