Inishmaan Nears Finish Line!

Inishmaan is quickly approaching the finish line ~ YAY! double YAY!

With the moss stitch in the sides and underarms, the seaming was not a whole lot of fun but also not quite as bad as I had anticipated.  I used the mattress stitch.  Last night I picked up the stitches around the neckline and established the pattern. 

I really like how Alice Starmore continued one of the cables up from the sweater and onto the mock turtleneck.  Likewise, this same cable was incorporated into the bottom rib and continued up into the body of the sweater.  The neckline will be finished today and Inishmaan will have a nice Eucalen soak and then climb onto the wooly board.

6 Comments on “Inishmaan Nears Finish Line!

  1. wooo hoooo!!! It looks fantastic!! Well done for getting the seaming out of the way.

  2. Congratulations on your Inishmaan! It looks fantastic. You will be the envy of everyone with your gorgeous AS pullover. I hope you enjoyed knitting it too.

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