Blocking Arans?

After weaving in all the loose yarn threads, I gave Inishmaan a good soak in my Eucalen filled bathtub.  Then, I put her in a zippered pillowcase and put her on the spin cycle in my washer.  While she was spinning I put together the Wooly Board that I use for blocking fair isle sweaters.  After I painstakingly got her on the frame I realized that this might not be the best way to block an Aran sweater.  I could see that the heavy weight of the cables pulled on the shoulder cables opening them up.

So………all of you who have knit Aran sweaters…………how do you block them?

Pattern:  Inishmaan by Alice Starmore

Yarn:  Cascade 220 in Mossy Rock (dark olive)

Needle Sizes:  US 6 and US 8

This was a very enjoyable knit for me.  I knit the medium size and probably should have gone with a small.  The sweater is oversized and will be great for hiking and going on long walks which was its original intention.

16 Comments on “Blocking Arans?

  1. Congratulations on finishing it! I’ve never knit an Aran sweater before, so I’m no help with your blocking question, unfortunately.

  2. Your sweater is beautiful! I too have made one from the same Alice Starmore book. I think I finished it 8 years ago. Anyway, I simply laid it flat. I have a piece of dense fiber board called homosote – available at Home Depot – which I store vertically in the basement. When I need to block, I put it on the floor, lay the garment down, and aim a fan that way. If the sweater is all put together, generally don’t pin. If I must block in pieces, I will shape each one according to the diagram for the pattern and secure with T-pins stuck into the homosote. In either case, I aim a fan at the whole works and wait until it is dry.

  3. My, that is a beautiful sweater. I also enjoyed your post on organizing your living room.

  4. I do not have a wooly board but I also do not knit many pullovers. When I knit my Alice Starmore Inishman, I blocked it on my blocking tiles which are really floor tiles that lock together like a puzzle.

  5. I’ve knit 3 arans in my life – Blocked by rolling it in a wet towel overnight to dampen (the first blocking) and then laying it on the floor – gently urging it into shape.
    From then on I basically do the same thing except I wash – then roll in towel to take heavy wetness out before shaping on the floor.
    Your Inishmaan is GORGEOUS!!

  6. Gorgeous sweater! That color is perfect for the pattern too. I usually lay my arans flat to dry, but I did use the wooly board for St. Brigid because I wanted to stretch it an inch or two. It does seem to flatten the cables a bit.

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