The Mum Organizes Her Kitchen Countertops

Is the kitchen the room in your house where everyone seems to congregate?  I have a relatively small kitchen and the limited counterspace and cabinet space causes constant frustration to me.  The original builders of my home intended this to be a vacation home so the home has comfortable living areas but, for some reason a skimpy little kitchen.  I believe the original ‘mistress of the domain’ did not cook much and, when she was here, spent much time outdoors in the flowerbeds.  However, after living in this mountain environment for nine years, I have discovered that tending outdoor landscaping is pointless because of the abundant wildlife who love to eat flowering plants. 

I can’t do much about the size of my kitchen but I can begin to tackle this dreaded room and get it more orgainized.  I’ll be spending the next month focusing on my kitchen.  This week I started with the most visible parts of the kitchen – the countertops, walls and floor spaces.  After studying some organizational books and doing a bit of online research, I noticed a predominant suggestion.  Most everyone said that the main purposed of a countertop is to give you space to prepare means and all suggested that you don’t use this valuable space for small appliances and other items you do not use regularly.

With the fresh knowledge that I should keep only what I need and use daily in sight I realized that some counter items needed to find a new home.  The coffee maker, kitchen utensils and toaster are really all I use on a daily basis.  So, I threw the knives in a drawer and will look for an in-drawer knife rack. I threw all the ‘gadgets’ in my gadget basket in a drawer and put the basket in another room.  And, I made room in a cupboard for my spice carousel. 

After making these changes I suddenly had workable counter space and my kitchen looked larger!

My two huge ‘hot spots’ that always end up cluttered are the eating counter and my mail center basket.  I cleared the counter bar space and could suddenly enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains instead of looking at clutter. The huge mail basked that collects everything is yet to be tackled and I will do that today. 

I know I’ve grumbled a bit about the size of my kitchen so let me balance out that grumbling with something I really LOVE about my kitchen.  The original builder had a great-aunt who painted china.  This aunt painted Colorado wildflowers and gave them as a housewarming gift.  They were put into the tile backsplash surrounding the countertops and very unique.  As much as I long to replace these counters with granite, I fear that the tiles would somehow be destroyed and that would sadden me.  Aren’t they a fun idea?

When the hubster got home I asked if he liked the new kitchen improvements.  He replied, ‘It’s okay’ which I’ve learned through the years means that he is not altogether pleased.  When I asked what he did not like about the changes what do you suppose his answer was?  Yes, you guessed it.  The DRAWERS are too crowded now!   So my next kitchen organizational challenge will be the cupboards and drawers.  Will this organizational process ever end??

5 Comments on “The Mum Organizes Her Kitchen Countertops

  1. You should see my counters — too much space used as storage…..hmmmm, thanks for the inspiration — off to get rid of some stuff!

  2. Looks good. I have a big kitchen, so I have more counter clutter to find homes for. We are building a second kitchen downstairs for canning and for when I cook for large family gatherings. I like your “Mum Organizes” posts. Good ideas. I’m going to check out the housecleaning more at a later time.

  3. Those are some beautiful tiles — I can see why you’d be worried about them being damaged.

    I’m afraid I’m no help with the organizational issue. After all, you know how I’m resolving our kitchen issue!

  4. I love the tiles – very pretty and I can see why you don’t want to replace them. Very nice kitchen too – looks very home-y!

  5. Rebecca ~ I am taking some time this morning sleuthing out inspirational writings … your blog is one of those. I am an Original Home Builder, and though I can’t imagine anybody living in my house, or personalizing MY kitchen. I have to say, now five years living in the house after six years building (we did it ourselves) , built exactly to order, with the granite, and everything, there’s *always* something to change, and most perplexingly, I have a difficult time with the reality that I have not kept care of things. Dirt and grime and flour everywhere, I am a bull in a china shop in the most industrial kitchens. My goodness, to see the wear and tear in only five years. Okay, I really need to put some love and respect into my kitchen (as I do myself?) and do a cleaning regimen. I dreamed of being in love with cleaning it’s neatly and immaculately trimmed crevasses in the floor, every detail built so well (my dh is amazing) and well, have I ? Not. Your posts about Organizing your Hearth & Home are going to be my best read in the next few days. I am going to follow your lead. ~Jen

    ps. I love, love, love the tils, and see no reason you can’t mix tiles with granite, or whichever. I’ve decided that the unmatchedness of things is good, keeps things feeling homey.

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