Brown Bag#2 ~ Lichen Socks

The Lichen Socks are finished.  I finished the second sock in a frenzy as I madly knit wondering if there would be enough yarn for me to do so.  I had read that Colinette Jitterbug runs skimpy on yardage but that did not prevent me from selecting a pattern that had an  an 8-1/2″ cuff, what MADNESS!  Halfway through the sock I assured myself everything would turn out alright since other Ravelers had knit this very pattern with the very yarn I had selected.  Surely they would have noted that they ran out of yarn, right?

But, as I turned that heel I began to worry.  As I finished the gusset I began to fret.  And then, of course, I couldn’t put the sock down until it was finished so my knitting got faster and faster.  My husband was amused by the expressions on my face and suggested that I make a breathing hole for the big toe.  I was not amused.  Instead, I eliminated four rows in the toe decreases.  On the final rows I realized that I probably could have kept those four rows.  Nonetheless, the shortage of yarn was too close for comfort.

Lichen Ribbed Socks by Nancy Bush

Colinette Jitterbug – Blue Jay

Knit on 2.25 dpn needles

14 Comments on “Brown Bag#2 ~ Lichen Socks

  1. Oh my. Close! But enough. Why do we knit faster when we’re running out of yarn? I do the same thing. Does it actually help?

    They look great.

  2. Beautiful socks! Knitting faster when faced with the possibility of the yarn being too short to properly finish – know just what you mean. The last pair of toddler socks I knit ended up with just 5 feet of yarn left over – I was so worried. Maybe knitting faster stretches the yarn just that little bit so we don’t run out!

  3. Knitting fast to see if you have enough yarn is like driving fast for fear of running out of gas. Crazy, huh? I guess we just need to know to alleviate the suspense. And that was a really close call on the yarn! Beautiful socks. And your kitchen organization looks great, too.

  4. It’s a good thing you knit these so quickly — you probably would have run out of yarn if you’d knit at a normal pace! 😉

    Let me know how those socks wash, will you? The Jitterbug socks I knit more than a year ago are still bleeding every time I wash them. I’m hoping it’s just a fluke and I got a bag skein.

  5. OOo but aren’t they pretty! I love that blue. It’s good to be forewarned about the yardage issue.

  6. Isn’t it funny that we knit faster because we are afraid we will run out of yarn? Do we knit faster hoping we can beat it to the end? 🙂

  7. The socks are gorgeous & I love the deep blue. It’s great that you are able to finish the socks without running out of yarn.

  8. Your socks look great. I have a hank of Jitterbug in my stash that I haven’t knit with yet. I need to get on them one of these days.

  9. Those are gorgeous socks – love the color! I’m really surprised you got an 8 inch cuff from Jitterbug – I had heard it ran short too…

  10. Beautiful socks! I started a toe up sock (my very first attempt at knitting a sock) last October and I got to the heel and am stymied as to how to proceed. I’m about to frog the entire project and forget about socks but then I see how beautiful everyone else’s socks are and I want to knit a pair!

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