Square Double Pointed Needles?

Surely I jest.  SQUARE double pointed needles?  You betcha, my new favorite knitting toy.  These needles are designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands and to decrease stress.  I don’t have carpal tunnel or arthritis but know plenty knitting buddies who do so I decided to let you all know that I absolutely think these are my all-time favorite needles! I liked them enough to go back and get a second set in another size on my recent trip to Texas.  They are made by Kollage of Kollage Yarns.

The SQUARE needles supposedly yield a more uniform stitch but that is yet to be determined by this knitter.  And, if you are a tight knitter they are supposed to help with that as well.  Anyone have any theories on why SQUARE needles would help with this?

I’m presently working on a Nancy Bush pattern from Folk Socks called Latvian. The Lang Jawoll yarn and pattern were stuffed inside Brown Bag #4 (Personal Sock Club 2009). The cuff is much taller than most of my socks and I think these will look nice with a jean skirt.  The heel is one I’ve never knit before, a handkerchief heel.  It will probably replace the Eye of Partridge heel which, before these socks, were highest ranked among favorite heels.

13 Comments on “Square Double Pointed Needles?

  1. I’ve always wondered about those needles. I love that pattern. It might be somewhere in one of my psc bags, but I do not remember.

  2. ahhh this pattern is one I’ve wanted to knit for a while but I’d like to make them knee socks, guess it will have to wait until I have the baby though.
    Square needles?? I’ve never heard of them before, sounds interesting, i’m interested to know how you make out with them.

  3. I just read about these needles on another blog – do you like using them?

    Gorgeous socks – love the pattern!

  4. I’ve wondered how the square needles feel to knit with. Maybe I’ll try some now. I’m going to go check out that handkerchief heel right now.

  5. I bought a set of these Kollage square dpns this spring and have tried them – started a sock with them, but quickly returned to a circular for the “magic loop” method. Perhaps I need to give them another try. Your socks are lovely!

  6. We had them in the LYS where I worked, so I have tried them. The larger sizes were much loved by knitters with arthritis. I’m not there yet….but any day now! LOL.

    Use caution when approaching the circulars, however. The joins were very problematic……unless great improvements have been made in the last year or so.

    Lovely socks, btw.

  7. I’ve got a pair of those square needles! Haven’t used them yet. Maybe they help tightly knit stitches because the square shape relaxes into a loop when it’s off the needles? In other words, no clue. 😉

    Love the Latvian socks too. Sweet.

  8. The kollage needles are great except the cable on the circs, but good news is that there is a new cable in the testing phase of development.

    Its interesting I’m knit between being on gauge to being a needle size smaller. When I use the kollage needles, I need to go up a size and I knit on gauge. so I thought they made me knit tighter.

  9. I have heard of these needles but have not tried them. I also wonder why square will be better than round? Your sock is lovely & white is a great choice to show off the pattern.

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