UFO Thursday ~ Oregon V-Neck Shaping


With fresh inspiration I resumed working on the Alice Starmore Oregon Vest for my One day a week for UFOs.  I took a little break from it because I wasn’t quite ready to tackle the armhole and neck shaping.  Not that it is altogether difficult to do so, it just requires more concentration.

I mindlessly knit a charted row twice and, thankfully, discovered it before starting the subsequent row.  I was knitting in those hours a knitter should never knit in and I know that all of you knitters know exactly which hours I’m speaking of!  I should have been in bed sleeping.  In weary oblivion I had forgotten to move my post-it note on the chart.  Since each row takes a while to knit I was pretty bummed but knew better than to commence a rescue mission at that hour.  I put the vest away knowing that I would have a renewed outlook the next morning.  BTW, I have found that that is the very best way to handle knitting mishaps.

This morning I was not only able to frog the entire row without tears, I was also able to come up with a new plan to avoid another catastrophe.  So this old girl now has a new chart methodology.  I copied the chart and put it on a clipboard where I can now cross off the rows as I finish them with a colored pencil.  A new color each day will allow me to monitor my daily progress a little more efficiently, too.

Fair Isle Question of the Day –

Fair Isle Knitters, do you prefer knitting fair isle projects with wooden needles or metal ones?

16 Comments on “UFO Thursday ~ Oregon V-Neck Shaping

  1. Ack! Glad you recovered well and have a nifty, new way to keep track.

    I am usually a metal kind of gal, but I think I may prefer wooden for fair isle.

  2. It’s good you were able to catch your mistake and fix it before getting too far. I prefer metal needles for almost all my knitting (except lace).

  3. You’ve made amazing progress! I’m sorry to hear about the oops, but at least it was only two rows and you discovered it before it became a bigger problem.

  4. oooohhh looking good! If I make a mistake I have to frog back right there and then otherwise it will lie in a heap forever and I will avoid it like the plague. Glad you got yours all sorted though, you’re a good part of the way there with no sleeves to make 🙂

  5. Beautiful! (And I like your helper, too …)

    I have only knit 1 fairisle project so far (ready to finish!), and used metal needles. Therefore, I have no comparison …

  6. I have only metal, plastic and bamboo needles. So I don’t know about wooden ones. Do circular come wooden? I’m curious since most of fair isle is done on circular (except the brief DP needle work on the sleeve.
    Maybe you do this, too, but I memorize the pattern in relation to what I have already knit. So, if the trees are to be reducing in width, the tree color can’t be in the same spot or further out. I’m not sure explained that clearly.
    I can relate to the “wee hours” thing. I was sewing on 3 bridesmaids dresses, the last one at that time, and ended up “frogging” a lot of seams. So I quit and set the alarm early.

  7. It’s so hard to frog sometimes. But I’m always glad I did 🙂 I’d use wooden needles over steel any day.

  8. Just a follow-up to my commet about needles: I’d use wooden/bamboo double-points over steel anytime. For circular needles, though, I’ll always go with my Addi’s.

  9. Thinking that you’ve made a mistake, and beating yourself up — we all do it….you handled this perfectly…put it down until you’re rested and ready to go — then it won’t be as hard as you think to rip back and reknit.

    (This is the same theory I use when faced with washing the kitchen floor — I hate washing the kitchen floor and if I think about it too much, I come up with some excuse to do it tomorrow!!!!) So I just do it and it takes much less time than I anticipate.

    Anyway, back to knitting. I love my addi turbos, or I would think any other metal needle for fair isle knitting. They let the stitches slide along easier.

  10. I knit in those hours when I shouldn’t too. After a mistake I don’t so much lay it aside as throw it aside.

    Oregon is looking gorgeous. I prefer metal needles for everything.

  11. It’s so gorgeous & the colors are perfect. I have not done fair isle before but generally I prefer wooden needles for most of my knitting.

  12. Your Oregon vest is looking great. I stop knitting too when I make a mistake while knitting late at night because that lets me know that I am tired and will only end up making another one.

    I prefer to use wooden needles for all my knitting projects because of the arthritis in my right hand I find them warmer and kinder on my hands.

  13. Wow, Oregon is just so lovely… I’ve been there, knitting at all hours of the day when really. I can’t even remember my name. LOL!

    Definitely metal. I tried bamboo once, and had the join snap on me when I went to even out the stitches. Not a good thing at all!

  14. I have done the knitting when I shouldn’t be knitting thing – glad you were able to recover!

    The only fair isle I’ve done were hats, and both were on metal needles…

  15. It’s so hard not to knit when you know you shouldn’t.

    I do something like that with my charts only I alternate two colors each day I work on it (so four colors in all) – I’ve discovered that alternating colors are easier for me to see than just one.

    I use metal circs. The only time I use wood needles are for lace shawls and socks when I’m terrified I’ll drop the whole thing off the needles accidentally.

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