UFO Thursday

Each row on my Oregon Vest is getting shorter and shorter which is a sure sign that I have almost finished the armhole steeks.  The best thing about Thursdays is that I will work on this vest all day long, as in monogamous knitting for one day.  I’ll see some significant progress and hopefully, the neck steek is not too far off in the future.  I’ve finished the armhole decreases and am working exclusively in shaping the V-Neck. There is actually light at the end of the tunnel.  I know you are probably bored looking at pictures of this vest and wish I could do some time warp photography for you…….soon now, soon now…. Oregon will be finished before August has ended!

I knit the last but one Adamas chart repeat today which set me to thinking about my next shawl project.  Miriam Felton posted about her newest pattern, the Cloisters Wrap, this week and the minute I saw it I knew it was destined to be knit with some Jaegerspun Zephyr in Copper I had recently purchased.  It was most definitely love at first sight!

Cloisters WrapCan you just picture it with this lovely Zephyr wool?  I had originally purchased the yarn to knit Icarus but for some reason that shawl, despite its popularity, is not calling to me anymore.

Adamas has been a joy to knit and I’m sure Mim’s newest shawl will be equally delightful.  Her patterns are very clear and logical.  Hop on over to her page for more pictures of this beautiful shawl.  Would you like to join me?

12 Comments on “UFO Thursday

  1. I bought the Cloisters pattern, too. I’m thinking a jewel tone color. I have lots of choices in the stash.

    The colors of that vest are just gorgeous!

  2. I admired the new pattern as well, but I’m not sure I have the stamina these days to take on such a big project. It’s going in my “knit someday” list for sure, though!

  3. Your vest is so pretty! I am excited to see the finished item. I went and checked out the wrap and it is beautiful! I think it will be perfect in the wool you have picked for it. I made the Adamas shawl as my first lace shawl and loved it.

  4. That vest is beautiful! Hope the finishing goes well 🙂

    You had asked me about the Noro Sock Yarn on my blog, but I didn’t see an e-mail to reply to, so I hope it’s okay to reply here. I love that yarn! It is rougher than most other sock yarns and very wooly (it would felt very easily), but I figure it’s on my feet, and I just really like it. I’ve worn my Noro Socks through one winter and so far they’re wearing quite well. On a tip from another knitter, I hand wash them in the shower – it works great 🙂

  5. Your vest is a work of art! Great photos too.

    Emails I’ve written to you were returned as an invalid address. Will you please send an email to me with your new address??

  6. Cloisters is lovely. I enjoyed knitting her Adamas shawl but I was pretty much following the pattern, I had no idea which end up I was knitting, believe it or not.

    Yay for getting that far on Oregon!

  7. The Zephyr wool is gorgeous & I love the color. You have chosen a nice pattern & I would have love to join you but too many projects going on. Happy knitting.

  8. ahhh you’ll have a nice cosy vest to wear this winter for sure!!!
    Zephyr looks very yummy! Great colour choice!

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