UFO Thursday ~ New Zephyr Needles

When it was first announced that KnitPicks was adding an acrylic needle to their Options needle line I thought to myself, ‘Who is going to buy acrylic needles?’  Then, after listening to the Knitpicks podcast introducing the Zephyr needles my interest was peaked. Kelly Petkin and her co-workers were very excited about this new product.  Kelley mentioned that their flexibility made cable knitting easier.  Another guest mentioned that they were not as slick as metal needles making them ideal for lace knitting and added that the new needles had an equally sharp point as the other Option needles.  I started to wonder if they would also be easier on the wrists when it came to Fair Isle knitting.  As much as I love Aran and Fair Isle knitting my wrists and shoulders ache after knitting a while.  When Lorette showed the new needles on her blog I caved completely and ordered the needles that very afternoon.

I’m pleased to inform you that they do seem to be more gentle on my wrists and shoulders.  This being UFO Thursday, I tried them out on my Oregon Vest and knit for a couple hours.  The acrylic was slicker than my Addi Natura needles which helped the stitches to move faster.  The slightly flexible acrylic also made the Continental aspect of my two-handed knitting easier which resulted in less hand fatigue.  And, these needles are extremely lightweight. I was thrilled!

I then pulled out a UFO sweater that you have not seen in a very long while, the Black Water Abbey Vickie Cardigan.  This sweater has been resting peacefully in a plastic box waiting to be resurrected.  The Zephyr needles worked even better with this Aran sweater!  Thrilled again!

I love these clear needles and can’t wait to try them out using the Jojoland black cashmere yarn my mother bought when I was down in Texas.  I’m having a heck of a time with this color yarn despite the fact that the yarn is an absolute dream to knit with.

If you think you may be interested in the Zephyr Options then you really must listen to the Podcast Episode 105: New Zephyr Needles.  I am a completely satisfied customer!

16 Comments on “UFO Thursday ~ New Zephyr Needles

  1. I was tempted by these needles a couple days ago, but I was skeptical. Thanks for the great review. Now I’m really, really tempted.

  2. Thanks for your review of the new acryllic needles. I love my Options needle set but do not care for the Harmony needles. It’s nice to know your opion of their newest.

  3. humm who would have thought acrylic needles would be a joy to knit with. So I take it they aren’t like those old fashioned plasticy needles??

  4. It’s nice to hear a good review from someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in selling them! I may have to buy a couple of tips and try them out.

  5. Great review! Although acrylic is normally a four letter word for me, I can see where these needles would be great for those yarns that are difficult to see on the Harmony’s. Metal makes my hands hurt while knitting so the flexible nature is another plus. I will have to get some. Thanks!

  6. I bought a couple sizes of Zephyrs but haven’t knitted with them yet. I’m glad to hear a good review especially of using them with cables.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to trying them after hearing how nice they were from one of their product testers. Her only issue with them was that they’re clear, and she thought it might be confusing to knit with some yarns because you can see the back leg of the stitch through the needle.

  8. Oh great! Yet another thing I will just HAVE to order from Knit Picks! I just placed an order for more sock yarn – it was a necessity, or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it – and it hasn’t even gotten here yet. Now it looks like I’ll have to start a new list for yet another order. Your knitting is beautiful, as usual!

  9. Thank you for sharing your opinion of these new needles. I hope they continue to help you stay inspired with those UFO knits!

  10. I’m glad you like them! And I’m very glad to be known as an enabler, if I have to be known on the internet for something! I actually like plastic needles, so I’m sure I’ll love these.

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