Knitting Unto Others ~ Episode 1

For the next five months, Sunday afternoons will be spent ‘knitting unto others’. Let the Christmas knitting begin!  I am hoping that, by so doing this, my holiday knitting will be less stressful in 2009.  As Christmas gets closer I will most likely be knitting on gifts more than twice a week……but, then again, maybe not!

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My first gift is all about those percentages and calculations.  I will be knitting the hubby Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Seamless Hybrid Sweater.  The pattern is found in classic book, Knitting Without Tears. I’m using some Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn that I ordered several years ago for this very sweater.  Yes, the husband has been waiting a while for this sweater and I’ve decided it’s time to silence his inquiries come December 24th.

It looks like I’m knitting at 5 stitches per inch on size 5 needles.  That means I will be casting on 255 stitches for his 45″ chest giving him a comfy fit (6″ ease).  I told you it was all about the numbers!  I hope this SeamlessHybrid Sweater will teach  me once and for all the importance of knitting gauge swatches.

My mom will be gifted with Anne Hanson’s Fruit of the Vine neck warmer.  Mom is concerned about wool being too hot for her Texas domicile but I keep assuring her that a lace-weight pattern will be just fine.  I’m using KnitPicks Shadow yarn in the Tidepool color which looks exactly like the photograph, don’t you think?

My youngest daughter will be getting another KnitSpot pattern, Lacunae Mitts and Hat, knit with some gorgeous Briar Rose 4th of July yarn.  This yarn is soooooooo yummy and these colors will look great on my daughter.  I keep trying to convince her that fingerless mitts are very versatile because the fingers are free to do things but haven’t sold her on the idea.  So, she is getting these despite her opinion because MOM knows they will be perfect for taking her new dog out to do his business on a chilly Colorado morning!

My oldest daughter, who is always cold, has requested a shawl.  Although she lives in the south, a shawl is practical because of the air conditioning.  I purchased some Zephyr yarn in vanilla for her shawl but am waiting on her to pick a pattern.

It feels wonderful to give myself permission to cast on several projects in one day without even feeling guilty!  Do any of you want to join the Knitting Unto Others Sunday Afternoon Club?  If you do, shout out!  If you decide to join me, I will link to your blogs on Sundays when I post my progress report.  Of course, YOU will have to post a progress report on Sundays, too!

2009 Christmas Button

8 Comments on “Knitting Unto Others ~ Episode 1

  1. You’ve picked some wonderful projects! I’ve now knit the Seamless Hybrid twice, I can tell you that it’s a great knit. It always comes out great.

  2. How generous of you. I find it easier to stick with knitting for gifts than knitting for myself, or even for pay. It’s interesting how many bloggers are now talking about Christmas.

  3. I’m thinking about joining you. I am beginning to form plans for the Christmas knitting, and like you, I know that the sooner I get to it, the less stress and greater likelihood of success I am apt to have. Part of the trouble will be those gift knits that cannot be shown ahead of time.

  4. Excellent idea! And a great choice of gifts. If they are not well-received, feel free to forward them to me … 😉

  5. Great gift ideas – I’m not sure I’m ready to think about holiday knitting, but I look forward to watching your progress!

  6. Nice Christmas projects! This makes a heck of a lot more sense than my usual method, which is to start digging around in the patterns around December 1st, then just give up because it’s hopeless. 🙂

  7. I can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner. You are so organised & well prepared. I have only 2 projects planned for Christmas – some wash cloths & a shawl. I better decide on the yarn.

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