Two Sock Tuesday ~ His and Hers Cuff

On this nippy Two Sock Tuesday I have cast on a pair of vanilla ribbed socks, His and Hers. The aspen trees will be changing colors within the month and our cool autumn days are quickly approaching here in the Rocky Mountains.  This morning it is in the upper forties which may be seem unfathomable to some of you.

I’m using my own pattern for these socks.  Over the years I’ve taken all my favorite aspects of the many vanilla socks I’ve knit and combined them into my own pattern that fits my foot and my husband’s foot perfectly.  This ribbed sock has an Eye of Partridge heel.  Although it is ‘vanilla’ pattern it is not a standard knit 2, purl 2 because this knitter gets easily bored.  And, because I have to scramble to find my scribbled pattern every time I’ve knit these I’ve decided to build a PAGE at the top of my blog for my future reference.  You can try the pattern if you like but the better thing would be to build your own pattern unique for your foot with the sock anatomy you prefer.

These His and Her socks are a stash busting project.  This Austermann Step yarn has been sitting in a bin for a few years now.  The yarn has aloe in it I’m curious to see if they really moisturize as advertised. It feels nice and soft on my hands so perhaps  that will be an added benefit as I knit them!

7 Comments on “Two Sock Tuesday ~ His and Hers Cuff

  1. The Austermann Step yarn is wonderful. I knit a pair of socks with the yarn several years ago and they are one of my favorite pair. I’m hoping to return to sock knitting this fall.

  2. Upper 40s?! Wow. It was 90 here yesterday!

    I think you will enjoy the Austermann Step. I don’t know how long the aloe and jojoba actually stay in the yarn once you’ve worn and washed the socks, but I can tell you that you will get very nicely moisturized fingers while you knit!

  3. wow its only 10?? Thats crazy!!! We got the heat here finally!
    Those socks sure will come in handy for you!

  4. I also plan to knit plain vanilla socks very soon, probably with Austerman Step or Lang Jawoll Silk which I have in my stash. After finishing CookieA’s “Vilai”, it will be a pleasure.

  5. His & Hers socks – a great idea ! Love the colors too. I have knitted socks for my husband but not for myself.

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