Two Sock Tuesday ~ His and Hers Leg

Stitch markers remind me of potato chips.  Just one stitch marker is not enough and once you start collecting them you just have to have that ‘special’ one for the project you are working on.  You only need one stitch marker for socks since its job is to designate the beginning of the round.  For lace work it is nice to have several to designate the start of a repeat. I’ve occasionally had non-knitters, who have no interest whatsoever in what I’m knitting, stop and inquire about the lovely piece of jewelry on my knitting!  Has that ever happened to you?

For my His and Her Socks I have selected two stitch markers from my collection to match the sock yarns I’m using and I look forward to slipping the ‘little piece of jewlrey’ from one needle to the other.  Simple satisfaction.  One more row completed.

I don’t have much talent for making stitch markers but still find them fun to make.  There are many artisans out there making gorgeous stitch markers and you can find them online or at LYSs.

I’ve worked my favorite rib for the His and Hers cuff.  It has been adapted from the Oak Rib sock by Nancy Bush and is K1, p1, k4, p1.  The simple K2,P2 rib may be easier to remember but it is just a little too boring for me.  Once the pattern is established, the rib I’ve selected is easy to follow and much more interesting visually.

Next up – the Eye of Partridge Heel!

4 Comments on “Two Sock Tuesday ~ His and Hers Leg

  1. I love that pattern! It’s a nice switch from K2, P2, isn’t it? I like your choice of yarn too…beautiful. Have fun knitting.

  2. I’ve gotten so that I have to have the “perfect” stitchmarkers for a project and get a wee tetched if I happen to lose one during a project. But sshhh.

    That stitchmarker is really pretty but I love how the red on the sock is scrolling around.

  3. Very pretty socks! I like the ribbing pattern…

    I can’t resist stitch markers – I have a little box where I knit that is full of them – and then I have others with me all of the time. I also have some that I don’t use because they are too big/heavy that I keep on a keyring hanging in my kitchen – they are too pretty to put away!

  4. Your his and hers socks are beautiful! I can’t imagine knitting two socks at the same time! I would be as lost as a needle in a haystack. Can’t wait to see the eye of partridge heel in those beautiful colors! Blessings to you.

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