Addicted to Knitting?

While knitting in public one has to overcome a fear of speaking to strangers or being unashamedly stared at.  You pull a knitting project out of your purse or bag and someone is bound to start talking to you.  They are curious about what you are doing or they want to tell you all about great aunt so-and-so who used to knit them sweaters for Christmas.  Knitting in public lends itself naturally to bridging the gulf of unfamiliarity so, if you don’t like chatting with strangers or evoking strange stares, you may want to leave your knitting needles at home.  You most certainly don’t want to use your five double point needles to knit with because they, not only strike fear in the hearts of mankind, but attract blatant stares from all ages!

I don’t mind chatting with strangers about my knitting and actually enjoy doing so.  Yesterday, while knitting as I waited for a doctor’s appointment, a complete stranger said, “I didn’t think people did that anymore!  I only thought our grandmother’s generation knit.”

Unabashed, I proceeded to tell her that I was quite addicted to knitting and took my needles with me everywhere.  And, that I was looking forward to an afternoon of visiting various knitting stores to enhance my stash. I told her that I was unable to watch television without needles in hand.  I thought about telling her that I was practicing knitting in the dark so that I could take my knitting into movie theaters but stopped short with the words formed on my tongue.  I told her that I had a blog where I talked of nothing but knitting and just as I was about to give her my blog address I became acutely aware that many of the words I had been tossing around sounded like the language of an illegal drug trade!

When I saw the strange glimmer of suspicion in her eyes I started to wonder if this innocent observer might suggest a twelve-step program for my “addiction.”

“Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am addicted to sock knitting.”

Oh wait a minute!  There is a program for this very addiction and it is a group called Sock Knitters Anonymous (Ravelry) and their one goal is to help you deal with your addiction to yarn and knitting socks.  Which brings me, at last, to the reason I’m writing this post and the reason I about to show you all these photos of yellow yarn…….

The Sock Knitters Anonymous group is kicking off its new year with a MYSTERY SOCK designed by the infamous Nancy Bush.  Now I am not a huge fan of knitting mystery items but, seriously, how can one go wrong with Nancy Bush!  Ms. Bush has designed this sock specifically for our group and the clues will be released throughout the month of September.  The other September designer is Wendy Johnson known as the Toe-Up guru of the sock knitting world.  You can choose either or both designers but the socks must be knit in YELLOW.

YELLOW?  Who has yellow yarn or wears yellow socks?  What a wonderful stash enhancement exercise!  The yarn I will be using is Lorna Lace’s Shepherd Sock in Firefly. How fun is that?

Shepherd Sock – Firefly

And as if the Nancy Bush Mystery Sock is not enough to tempt you to jump in, here is the 2009/2010 SockKnitters Anonymous schedule:

The Sockdown: Ravelry! Schedule 2009 – 2010

  • September – Technique: All knit with the same color (Solid or Semi-Solid Yellow)
    Designer: Wendy Johnson Mystery Sock Designer: Nancy Bush
  • October – Technique: Holiday Stocking/ Man Socks/Knitting for a Cause
    Designer: Jeannie Cartmel
  • November – Technique: Mosiac/Slipped Stitches
    Designer: Chrissy Gardiner Mystery Sock Designer: Star Athena
  • December – Technique: Almost Socks/Leftover Socks/Stashbuster Socks/Stripes/Self Striping Yarns
    Designers: Kirsten Kapur/ Kristi Schueler/ Hunter Hammersen
  • January – Technique: Texture Other than Rib/ Beaded Socks
    Designer: Nancy Bush Mystery Sock Designer: Debbie O’Neill
  • February – Technique: Underappreciated Patterns/Entrelac/ Intarsia
    Designer: Yarnissima
  • March – Technique: Lace
    Designer: Janel Laidman Mystery Sock Designer: Kristi Geraci
  • April – Technique: Designs from an Online Magazine
    Designer: Cookie A.
  • May – Technique: Cables/Traveling Stitches
    Designer: Cat Bordhi Mystery Sock Designer: Cookie A.
  • June – Technique: DYO, Vintage Patterns
    Designer: Stephanie van der Linden
  • July – Technique: Stranded/Colorwork/Fairisle (Including Nordic/Scandanavian)
    Designer: Ann Hanson Mystery Sock Designer: Chrissy Gardiner

ska-badgeWear the badge with pride!

11 Comments on “Addicted to Knitting?

  1. Interestingly, the only time I can recall anyone asking me what I was doing or otherwise enquiring about my knitting while I was knitting in public was a time when I was also listening to my iPod and had earphones in!

  2. I’m not one that enjoys the questions, not very much of a stranger people person. Love the yellow you acquired! I have two yellows in my stash just trying to decide between the two. Won’t be long till cast on time now!

  3. I love being asked about knitting! Must convert more knitters! Also, love being able to knit in theaters. You definitely should learn. 🙂

  4. I was thinking of doing this knitalong this year also. I have been a member of the group for awhile but always get too busy to participate. I was thinking about getting some Dream in Color in Butterpeeps for it.

  5. Good news – you do not need to knit the Wendy Johnson socks in yellow – any color, semi-solid, variegated – anything. Or you can knit any pattern in yellow. BUT, Nancy’s Mystery Sock must be in yellow! See you on SKA!

  6. After knitting my VERY recent yellow socks, I’m going to knit the NB mystery in blue or red or green or….- it won’t count toward prizes, but I bet they will be pretty 🙂
    Your Firefly is a beautiful yellow!

  7. Nancy Bush can do no wrong, it sounds like your crew will have lots of fun!

    I KIP all the time and sometimes I get peppered with questions, sometimes ignored and occasionally, gawked at in a most unnverving way. 🙂

  8. My favorite place to KIP is in airports. I have had comments from young ladies in their 20’s – “I just started knitting and am working on my first scarf.” – to women in their 80’s – “So sweet that you are knitting a baby sweater. I used to do that.” Then there are the people who just stare.
    I have just the right yellow yarn (Wildfoote in lullaby yellow) for the September socks!

  9. I get asked about knitting all the time with varying reactions – always makes me laugh when people are surprised that people still do this.

    Gorgeous sock yarn – I’m so tempted to join the group…

  10. This really sounds familiar as I am also questioned whenever I knit in public. In fact, one day, a 4 year old girl walked up to me & said “Are you knitting?” & then sat next to me for a couple of minutes telling me of her grandma & her knitting. I felt such a special connection to this girl.

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