UFO Thursday ~ Mr. Foster

A couple UNFINISHED OBJECTS (UFO) lurking in the deepest recesses of my knitting baskets will march before you today on UFO Thursday.  Early fall is upon us and there are only four months left before 2009 comes to an end.  When the new year commences I will unceremoniously hurl all UFOs into the frog pond where they will be unraveled.  That being proclaimed, I really need to get serious about finishing these projects!

As you know, the difference between a UFO and a WIP (work in progress) is that you can see some forward movement in the WIP.  Whereas, the UFO is the project you belabor pulling out to work on.  The love for it has ceased but as you get closer to the finish line the love starts to surface again and you get some knitting mojo back, at least in theory.

First up is the Branching Out Scarf that I am making with Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool.  I used this pattern earlier this year to teach some ladies how to knit lace.  Although it is ‘supposed’ to be a beginner’s project, it did not work out that way for my ladies who were just beginning to knit.  This scarf is about half-way done and I will work on it one hour today as I listen to Robinson Crusoe on my iPod.

Branching Out Progress

The other UFO I worked on today was Mr. Foster, the sock monkey.  When the KnitPicks Design Team created Mr. Foster I immediately ordered the pattern.  I had intended to take Mr. Foster on my travels with him but he somehow found himself in the dark bottomless pit of UFOs.

Here are his arms and legs.  Today I’m just trying to reacquaint myself with the pattern.  I think I’m about to do short rows to shape his little bottom.

Mr. Foster

As I’ve worked on Mr. Foster today I have started to think that perhaps he should not wait around to accompany me on my travels.  Instead, I think he might enjoy spending time in the loving hands of my great-nephew.  And, he would enjoy it even more if he had a female to spend his days with.  I’m thinking Carmen Banana is in his near future.  And she will be one lucky monkey because, not only will she be loved by Mr. Foster, my great-nephew will love her as well!


I was able to spend lots of time with them over the recent Labor Day weekend.  We had a family reunion in St. Louis and had a blast!  Aren’t they little cutie pies?


While visiting at her house, my niece brought out the Baby Dale Sweater I had knit her daughter last year to show me it still had some growing room.  If you recall, I had initially been concerned that it would be too small by the time I finished it.  I knit the 12 month size and gave it to her as a belated first birthday gift.  She is now two and a half years old. I was thrilled to see Kate modeling it and even more thrilled to know that she would get at least two years of wear out of it. Here she is with her great grandfather, my father-in-law.  We were celebrating his 84th birthday.

Kate & Papaw

11 Comments on “UFO Thursday ~ Mr. Foster

  1. That’s all?! Or are you holding back? 😉

    The monkey is so cute. The frog pond would be a horrible way to go. He’s almost a sock, right?

    I admire your determination to start fresh in 2010. I should drag my UFOs out and do the same. We’ll see ….

  2. I’m impressed with your UFO dedication.

    How great that the cute sweater is in use and will continue for a bit longer!

  3. The little ones are so cute! I can see why you enjoyed spending time with them.

    I’m going to have to go back to see your notes on that adorable Dale sweater. I’ve been thinking that my daughter might need something like that, especially if she might be able to wear it for a couple of years!

  4. It seems to me that “Branching Out” isn’t really a “beginner’s” project for people learning to knit, it’s more of a beginning lace project for people who already have knitting and purling down pat. But it’s a great pattern.

  5. I like your plan on UFOs. I have a few of them & just can’t find the incentive to pull them out & work on them again.

  6. I just found your blog through Ravelry and am so impressed. I love your projects and as you, am addicted to sock knitting. I love the SKA Mystery sock that we’re knitting right now. Mine is actually turning out very nicely.

    I also love the sock monkey that you’re working on from Knit Picks. I just got an order from Knit Picks and really debated as to getting Mr. Foster for my new great nephew in Denver. I didn’t though and now I wish I had. We’ll be in Erie/Boulder the first weekend in Oct. for a 40th anniversary party so I wanted to shower the babies with gifts so i guess it’ll just have to be hat and socks, again.

    Love your blog and will visit often…
    Marilyn in NM
    knittinmar on Ravelry

  7. Aw, Mr. Foster is going to be very happy indeed! If those are your UFO’s…*sigh*…I have so many more than that.

    What a beautiful Dale! (And model too!)

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