The Emerald City – Part II

On Sunday we strolled along the waterfront near Pier 59, just west of Pike Place Market.  We saw several shops dedicated to the Yukon Gold Rush.  Apparently, many of those treasure seekers needed to pass through Seattle on their way to the Yukon in Alaska.  Tens of thousands of prospecors and unprepared fortune hunters hit the city wanting supplies for their northbound adventure.  Ten years ago we took a cruise up to Alaska and saw the other end, where they were dropped off. 

 We ended up eating our lunch in a Sourdough Bakery and I had some yummy ‘western’ clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. 

As we strolled along I was able to knit my Seattle Square.  My yarn was in my pink project bag that snaps to my belt.  I think I no longer embarass my husband when I do this.  Our next stop was the Seattle Aquarium which our tour book said featured over 200 varieties of fish native to the Puget Sound.

The starfish pool was simply amazing.  I’ve always loved starfish and there were plenty to be seen in an environment simulating the region’s rocky reefs and sandy sea floors. 

I have a little thing for Clown Fish and I’ve always thought them adorable, even before the Disney Nemo movie came out.  We even have a long-running family joke because after my youngest daughter saw the movie she started calling me MEMO.  She tells me that when she has her own children they will call me ‘MEMO’ instead of grandma.  At any rate, I found a cute little clown fish in the aquarium and watched him for quite some time.  See how he is poking his head out of the sea plant?  He kept swimming through that hole, around the plant to the backside and through the hole again.  Around and around he went in circles.  It was so funny!

The aquarium also had a pretty amazing three-story great hall.  This enormous tank was filled with fish, sea anemones and other marine life.  We sat for quite some time mesmerized by the sea life around us.  And, of course it was a great place to knit on my Seattle Square!  


At 1:30 two marine divers came in to feed the fish.  They had to do this because if they just tossed fish in from the top of the tank all the salmon, being ‘striker fish’ would eat the food and the other fish would get nothing.  After the divers fed the fish they had the arduous task of cleaning all the windows which would take a very long time.  She was looking directly at me and was, no doubt, wondering what I was doing with the two sticks in my hand.

We ended our day with the Underground Tour, an inspection of all the shops and rooms that were abandoned when this part of town was rebuilt.  I have no pictures to show you of this because my mold allergy was making me pretty miserable throughout the tour.  The tour was musty and damp, with debris-lined passageways and rooms that had been at ground level.  I could not breath very well and my lungs were burning.  But even though my day ended on a negative note it was still a pretty amazing day.  

3 Comments on “The Emerald City – Part II

  1. Seattle is one of my favorite cities and I am so happy you were able to experience it. I have been there many, many times and almost moved there. Your photos are gorgeous – and very nostalgic for me. Hopefully Mt. Ranier was in view while you were there.

  2. Great aquarium photos! I bet Daddy loved that.

    My poor kids… they’ll have a “Mimi” on one side, and a “Memo” on the other 😉

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