Victoria, British Columbia

Our next and last port of call was Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.  It is situated on the sunny southern tip of Vancouver Island and basks in one of Canada’s mildest climates.  What a charming city with lots of British heritage! 

Our chartered bus took us to our first Victoria highlight, the Butterfly Gardens.  This indoor tropical garden was rich with plants and butterflies from around the world.  We saw orchids and carnivorous plant displays along with colorful butterflies in various stages of their lifecycle.  The lighting inside was perfect for photography.

The Butchart Gardens is considered to be among the most beautiful gardens in the world and I would agree that it is certainly the most beautiful that I have ever seen! 

The butchart Gardens

 This private estate covered over 50 acres and we spent a couple hours strolling through the Sunken Garden, the Japanese and Italian Gardens and the English Rose Garden. 

Sunken Garden

The Japanese Garden

The Mediterranean Garden

The Rose Garden

The gardens were conceived by Jennie Butchart, the wife of a cement tycoon.  She wanted to “beautify” her husband’s exhausted limestone quarry and, once started, just kept on planting…..and planting…..

The Ross Fountain was designed by Jennie Butchart’s son.  I would say he inheirited his grandmother’s creative abilities, wouldn’t you?

We really enjoyed our tours today and there are more Butchart pictures on my Flickr page if you are an enthusiastic gardener who loves looking at garden pictures (click here).  I had plenty of time to knit on my second Traveling Blanket Square as we drove back to the ship.  The ship left shortly after we got back onboard.  Another lovely day!  Tomorrow we head back to Seattle and will have a full day to relax at sea.

4 Comments on “Victoria, British Columbia

  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I have been to the Butchart Gardens too and your posts are very nostalgic for me.

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading about your Pacific Northwest trip on your blog – makes me really want to travel there. And what fun to have been knitting your Travelling Blanket Squares along the way.

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