Home Again with Two Squares

My travels have come to an end and I am back home again with two squares.  Two squares?  Two squares for my Traveling Memory Blanket that is.  The hubster and I enjoyed the Pacific Northwest.  It is always nice to get away but equally as nice to come back home to Colorado.   My views of Pikes Peak off my deck aren’t too shabby and I especially enjoy seeing  it on frosty October mornings when the clouds roll through. They serve as a reminder that I really am a high-altitude girl and sometimes live above the clouds.  I love these Rocky Mountains!

And, did you know that Bambi lives here?  He came to visit me this morning!

I think I have already shown you a picture of the Seattle Square knit with the Berroco Jasper yarn.  I chose this yarn because Seattle can be a rather overcast city but when we visited the skies were blue .  I thought this yarn was a good representative of the weather.

The Puget Sound Square represents the two stops our ship made in the Puget Sound.  Both Nanaimo and Victoria were in British Columbia and I picked two different blues, Classic Elite Portland Tweed and Mirasol, to represent them tied together with a small strip of the yarn I used for the Seattle Square. 

These squares are 10″x10″.  I wrote the pattern in my travel journal that always accompanies me so it will be readily available on my next trip.  I haven’t yet decided if the entire Traveling Memory Blanket should be in shades of blue as these squares are or if I should just pick colors that I feel represent the place I visit.  What do you think I should do?


13 Comments on “Home Again with Two Squares

  1. Beautiful pictures.

    Well I like crazy things and don’t mind things that don’t match, so I would probably choose to have colors that represent the places I visit, like greens for Ireland, and Oranges for Turkey. Colors that make me remember the sights, sounds, and smells of the places I’ve journeyed.

  2. You have such a spectacular view!

    I love the blanket squares, too. The colors are gorgeous. I think it would be lovely if it were all in shades of blue and brown, but then I’m not sure if it would really be as much of a “memory” blanket. On the other hand, I don’t really think flamingo pink from a trip to Florida would really go very well. Sorry, I’m not being very helpful. Great idea, though!

  3. Beautiful view! this morning around 8:30 there were 2 does running down the street right in front of our house. We get deer out here because of the big ditch across the street but mostly because it’s quiet and there’s always lots of fruit trees and vegetation. I love seeing them walk by but not towards the highway….it scares me, but I checked and it looked like they made to the other side unharmed.

    We were just up your way, actually in Erie, CO from Oct. 2 through the 5th. Boy was it windy coming through Colorado Springs and Pueblo that Monday. I guess it was blowing in your cold front. We’ve got snow on our mountains north of Durango, too. I love it!!!! What a view!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. I think you should wait and see what your next trip brings, I’m sure you’ll find a perfect yarn and you’ll know just what to do.

  5. My, Bambi, what big ears you have!

    I think you should just go with the flow as far as color choice is concerned. I really like how you picked colors that were representative of where you were. I’m sure if you continue that, you’ll find a way to make it all work together.

  6. I love the shades of blue and a little brown. It is going
    to be lovely. Where did you get the pattern from?


  7. Returning home really is wonderful, no matter how lovely the places we visit.

    I’m not sure what I would do about the colors. I suppose it would depend what I wanted most. Is it the matchiness of the finished blanket? Is it matchiness between colors of squares and the places traveled? Will some very different colored squares enhance or detract from the completed knit? I do not think you will go wrong if you follow what is most important to you.

  8. Pretty squares and beautiful photos. I think just going with what the moment brings for your travel blanket colors would work. You’ll know it when it’s time. 🙂

  9. How nice to return home and be just as happy with the views as any you saw on your trip. That defines contentment to me.

    I would choose colors for the blanket that remind you of where you visited – that way, it’s truly reminiscent of your journeys, rather than modified to match a color scheme.

  10. I love the colors that you have chosen for the squares & the idea of matching the colors to the places that you visited – the blanket will be an hierloom!

  11. What magnificent views. The travel squares look very nice. I too think you should just let the places you visit decide on the coulours. It will be an amazing blanket when it’s finished.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog I am still working on my Seaweed Shawl by Alice Starmore I seem to have gone off it lately but I am desperate to finish it. And I love your Oregon vest you did a wonderful job as always.

  12. I’ve just finished reading your travel posts. What a wonderful trip! It’s just too bad that we were out of town so I didn’t get a chance to meet you.
    I’d go for a variety of colors. You might get tired of knitting shades of blues after a while. Your Pacific NW colors are perfect. What’s the pattern you are using for the squares?
    Oh, and that view of your mountains is stunning.

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