Blustery Day Knitting

How quickly we can turn that seasonal corner here in the mountains!  The temperature plummeted to the twenties on Wednesday and little snow flakes turned into big ones as the day progressed.  I kept a roaring fire in the fireplace all day and enjoyed an afternoon of knitting while listening to Gone with the Wind on my iPod.  And, having true southern blood flowing in my veins, enjoyed a delicious bowl of chicken and dumplings for dinner.  Chicken and Dumplings are ideal for blustery winter days!

In addition to starting some Christmas gifts, I have been making steady progress on some UFOs and  WIPs.  Since October is my birthday month I decided to do some dedicated knitting on my Birthday Sweater, the one I received TWO years ago.  My interest in the Vickie Cardigan has waxed and waned throughout the last two years.  It is amazing how a little dedicated knitting can perk up the interest again.

The back of the Vickie Cardigan is complete and I am working on the left Front. The Knitpicks Zephyr needles continue to help my hands feel less fatigued knitting the cables.  The shade of this Abbey Yarn is very difficult to photograph but I think this picture is pretty true to the color.  It really is a lovely heather shade.  Of course, the ‘heather’ does not aid in those cables ‘popping’ much.  I have am slowly learning that cables show up better in the lighter solid colors.  Live and learn!

The Damask Rose Christmas Stocking is also seeing some steady progress.  I’ve set aside one hour a day to work on it and have just finished the leg.  The knitting should speed up now that I’m ready to knit the heel and finish up the foot.  Thankfully, there will be no gusset decreases to slow the progress down.  I really want to finish this before October 31st so I can start the November Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge with a clean slate.  Although I enjoy fair isle knitting, I am not altogether crazy about knitting it on a small scale .  I find that I am unable to use both hands in the technique I am most familiar with.  Instead I  just pick and throw with one hand which I find a much slower process.

I want to thank all of you for leaving responses to my question about future Traveling Memory Blanket squares.  The majority of you said to pick colors to represent the area I’m visiting and I’ve decided to do that.  That way, as I age, my memory will be sparked by those colors and it will be a ‘true’ memory blanket!

8 Comments on “Blustery Day Knitting

  1. That sweater is lovely! We made homemade chicken stock yesterday, and will have chicken and barley soup for supper tonight, another autumn/winter favorite. Though my yard doesn’t look anything like yours!

  2. Oh I’m so jealous! I long for snow like that. I just have to move North, or to the mountains, one day.

    Beautiful projects.

  3. Your cardi looks great, I think those cables are pop pop popping to me!
    Are you going to knit the mystery socks for the November challenge??

  4. I bought the Zephyr needles thinking I’d only use them when knitting with darker yarns. I LOVE those needles. Easy on the hands.

  5. Mmmm – chicken and dumplings! The cardi and the stocking both look great. As for long-running projects, I finally made some recent progress on the shawl I started 1 1/2 years ago. I am definitely going to order some of those zephyr needles. I was going to see if any of the local gals were going to place a KnitPicks order so I could tag onto it, but I think I’ll probably just order them – I don’ t think the shipping will be very much for a few needle tips.

  6. Vickie looks great. The cables are looking really good. I love wearing this sweater. Keep going!

  7. The sweater looks great! One day, you’ll be finished. It’s part of the fun of knitting.

    I love your Christmas stocking. Pretty! I love that winter photo more though. That is glorious.

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