UFO Thursday ~ Stars and Spit

There has been steady knitting on my Black Water Abbey VICKIE sweater all week but I’ve deduced that, if I have any hope of finishing her before the year ends, I need to dedicate UFO Thursdays completely to her cables alone.  All was not smooth sailing with VICKIE this last week.  I was happily knitting along one day only to suddenly notice a substantial hole in the sweater.  At first I thought I had caught it on something and ripped it.  Then I realized that my ‘spit splicing’ had worked itself loose leaving a hole!

Spit splicing is one of the many techniques used by knitters to join the beginning of one ball of yarn to the end of the previous ball of yarn.  Apparently, I did not fray the ends of both yarns far enough before spitting into my palms and rubbing them back and forth rapidly.  I only ‘thought’ I had rolled the two ends of yarn together into one.  What a disaster!  What a lesson!  The next time I have to spit splice I will make sure that the last two to four inches of yarn are frayed instead on 1-1/2 inches!  I ended up frogging about three inches of knitting to recover from this fiasco.

How do you like my new STAR stitch markers?  I found these in the beading section of a craft store and wasn’t sure if they would work as stitch markers.  I discovered that they are IDEAL for this use, in fact they may be THE perfect stitch marker.  With round markers you sometime find yourself ‘aiming’ at the marker with the point of your right needle before slipping the marker.  With this five-pointed star marker, there is always a ‘point’ that your needle just happens to slip in to before you even are aware that it is time to move the marker!

Winter has arrived in my part of the country and with the shorter days and the colder temperatures the time has arrived to get very serious about Christmas knitting.  I have three monumental Christmas gifts that I will be knitting  for loved ones this year and I’m already feeling the pressure that usually sets in after Thanksgiving. I’ve made a Christmas knitting chart to keep myself focused on that knitting and, when all gifts are wrapped and shipped, I will add up the time spent on those individual projects to see how realistic my goals were this year.

How about you guys?  Have any of you started your Christmas knitting yet?

11 Comments on “UFO Thursday ~ Stars and Spit

  1. I like your new star stitch markers, but i”m in love with that yarn! What a gorgeous color of green.

    I always forget about using the spit splicing method, it is ingenious if it works well, but oh so annoying when it doesn’t as you experienced.

  2. Those are adorable stitch markers! Very ingenious.

    I’d normally be in the full throes of holiday knitting by now, but I’ve managed to work the baby to my advantage here. I figure everyone will be so excited by their new grandchild/niece that they won’t notice I didn’t knit them anything this year!

  3. uggghhhh I feel for ya that you had to rip 3 inches! Hope you’ve got it all sorted and are on the right track now.
    No christmas knitting for this gal 🙂

  4. I started Christmas gift knitting months ago and am almost finished. I learned a lesson when I was knitting 2 days before Christmas several years ago.(vbg)

  5. Those cables and that yarn look wonderful together. Sorry about the spit splicing disaster. I have GOT to find some stars to use for stitch markers!

  6. Funny….we just had a discussion about that type of join last Thursday evening at my knitting group. Various success/failure stores shared. Some quite frightening! LOL. Glad you noticed your problem early enough to fix without a great deal of pain.

    I am really low stress this year about Christmas knitting. I decided that if I finished something, and thought someone in particular might love it…..it will go to them. But, nothing is planned. Sigh…nice feeling. BUT..I did just purchase some superwash Cascade 220 for a Wonderful Wallaby for BG. I think it will be too big for him anyway, so if I don’t get it done my Christmas, really no problem. He’s an itty bitty guy, and the smallest size is a 2. I chose not to alter…. Lazy knitter that I am. 🙂

    So…enjoy your beautiful Rocky Mtns. Winter is the most lovely there. As long as you can snuggle in and enjoy it.

  7. Love the star markers – what a great idea! You are so organized in your holiday knitting – wow!

    Sorry about the split splice….what a drag!

  8. I have a gift for future SIL done, and another gift about half done. I have a bunch planned, but all small items that can be done relatively quickly. I bought the yarn for the biggest one today, and I think it will take me about 10 days to get it done. But, first I have a pair of socks that must be done before anything else.

    Sorry to hear about the spit splice gone awry. That would be most disturbing to have happen.

  9. Yes, it is a false economy to scrimp on the yarns for spit splicing and Russian joins.

    Those stitch markers are fabulous!

    I’m deeply into the Christmas knitting, and just hoping for the rest. Some projects have a schedule, and then I will get to the rest.

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