Two Sock Tuesday ~ Nordic Stars and a Crazy Heel

The snowflake with eight points is a traditional Scandinavian motif.  I’m sure you have seen it in many Nordic sweaters and mittens, but have you ever seen it in a sock? Well, I’m stranding again and this time it is because the November Sock Knitters Anonymous group has challenged members to knit a pattern by Portland designer, Chrissy Gardiner.  The pattern for these Snowflake Socks can be found in the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits magazine.  I’m using some of my Dale of Norway Heilo stash to knit these and they match one of my favorite flannel nightgowns.

Heilo is a sportweight yarn which is the weight that the pattern called for.  It is a hard-wearing yarn that has been around for years and years.  It’s not nearly as soft as the Lorna Laces Shepherd Sport used in the magazine model but it will work.

I continue to creep along at a snail’s pace on the Damask Rose Christmas Stocking from last month’s challenge and have until the end of November to finish it.  There is a crazy heel in the pattern that calls for no gusset decreases and, I must admit, it has stumped me.  My confusion is not so much in how the heel is knit, it is in keeping the stranded pattern consistent with the directions given.  When I couldn’t figure it out I went ahead and knit my traditional heel and it looked pretty lousy.  I ripped it out and am back to square one, the turning of a patterned heel. I’m determined to figure it out so, hopefully, I will show you success next week on that front.

My sweet little tea friend came home with me from church on Sunday to spend the afternoon and night.  As tradition dictates, we had a tea party in the afternoon.  Shortly before tea, ‘J’ discovered my Swallowtail Shawl draped across a chair.  She gleefully put it on and wore it all afternoon begging me to make her one in pink.  As I watched her prance around in it I was reminded of how I used to make my doll blanket into a shawl for myself when I was her age.  It was such a sweet sight.

I took the opportunity to snap a few shots for my Ravelry project page.  As I was doing so I remembered that I had never posted a completed project photo here on the Mum’s blog.  So, here is the lovely ‘J’ modeling the Swallowtail Shawl far better than I ever could.  The Swallowtail runs on the small side so if I ever knit a second one I would add several repeats to make it larger.  This one was knit with two skeins of fingering weight yarn, Knit Picks Gloss Sock Yarn.

Is anyone else having a tough time getting used to the shorter days?  I have huge windows across the back of my house which, not only give great views, but also serve as passive solar heating. When I loose the afternoon sun the temperature in my house plummets so I’m really missing that sunshine.  But, on the flip side, I am getting to watch some beautiful sunrises……..

6 Comments on “Two Sock Tuesday ~ Nordic Stars and a Crazy Heel

  1. I normally avoid patterns by Chrissy Gardiner because her patterns are for toe-up. Now that I see yours is top down, I may try it.

  2. I love your snowflake socks! I can just imagine you wearing them with your nightie christmas eve. Hope you get the stocking figured out!

  3. Wow Rebecca, you’re really knitting like crazy. Gorgeous things ! You’re a real inspiration to me. ANd I love, love, love you’re knack of making every little photo very artistic.

  4. Very pretty socks – I really love the pattern and colors you chose.

    The shorter days are killing me – I miss seeing the sun, and I’m feeling tired all the time. I miss summer!

  5. The sock is lovely & this pattern has been on my list for a while. I am planning to knit the socks toe-up & I think it will be a challenge.

  6. I’m sure you’ll fix the heel soon.

    How precious!

    It’s great that you are seeing the upside to the time change.

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