Yarn Clams

When I was in Texas last summer I picked up a Yarn Clam at the local yarn shop.  I had never seen one before and since it was only fifty cents I couldn’t resist.

I put the Yarn Clam away and forgot all about it until last week when I had a mishap with my KnitPicks Shimmer lace yarn.  As I was winding the yarn with my swift, I looked away just for a moment and the next thing I knew the yarn went flying off in a tangle from the ball winder.

I managed to hand wind the remaining yarn off the swift and proceeded to cast on.  Oh how spoiled one becomes with center-pull balls!  It was difficult knitting lace with the ball of yarn rolling helter skelter all over the place.  I pondered re-winding it on the swift and then I remembered the Yarn Clam in my knitting cabinet.  It worked like a charm!

Shimmer still bounces around but it is behaving much better now that it is confined to it’s little clam.  And Shimmer is keeping it’s face cleaner since it isn’t rolling about on the floor anymore.  A lovely face it is, too…..the color reminds me of my mother’s eyes which is a good thing because this lovely yarn is going to become a lovely Grapevine Scarf for my mother’s Christmas present!

5 Comments on “Yarn Clams

  1. What an absolutely useful tool! Especially when a hand-wound or ballwinder-wound ball gets to the end point where its all loosy goosey. Im going to have to keep my eyes open for those!

  2. I have an antique one of those that I found on Ebay. It’s red plastic with a hinged lid, and a cat on the top. The clear one looks like one of those things that butter lettuce comes in!

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