“I Can KNIT!”

My little pal came to visit me again this past weekend.  I’ve been tutoring her twice a week to help get her caught up in school.  It has been a joy to do this.  As many of you know, I home-schooled my own daughters who are now young adults.  I’ve missed it.  So, the little pal and I worked on reading and math skills throughout the weekend but the REAL FUN came when we took little “knitting” breaks.

I’ve taught other little girls to knit but none have ever caught on as quickly as Jaidyn did.  At seven years old, she is a born knitter.  I used a little poem to help her remember the KNIT stitch and I am curious to see if any of you learned how to knit using the same poem:

Under the fence,

Catch the sheep,

Back we come

Off we leap!

The book I use to teach little girls to knit is called, I Can Knit, by Edie Eckman.  It is a great book with lots of cute projects in it which I am sure you will be seeing in the near future on this blog.

The first project with my little pal was a headband.  I was the ‘sheep catcher’ on the first few rounds while she did the rest.  Then, she was the ‘sheep catcher’ for a few rounds while I did the rest.  After a few rounds like this she had the poem memorized and was ready to do it all!

“I can KNIT, Becky!  Becky, I can KNIT!”

10 Comments on ““I Can KNIT!”

  1. She is just so cute! I realized the other day when on ravelry that somehow your blog had fallen off my feed reader and I missed you! Now I’m catching up on your archives.

  2. OH what fun! I got to teach my niece to knit this last winter when we went to visit them in Alaska. She was 7 too. It was a blast, and she caught on fast. But unfortunately there aren’t any knitters my brother knows, so she’ll have to wait for lesson two until I visit again.

    She’s a cutie!

  3. And a knitter is born 🙂
    so sweet, can’t wait to see what else she creates!

  4. What fun! She looks happy and pleased! And smart of you to start with a small project. My daughter still hasn’t finished a scarf she started two years ago.

  5. I have heard
    in thru the front door
    round the back
    out thru the window
    off jumps jack…
    but I think the sheep is more… appropriate 🙂

  6. I taught my first graders like this:
    In the bunny hole (needle in stitch)
    Around the tree (wrap yarn)
    Out comes the bunny (pull yarn throug)
    Hopping free (take st. from left hand needle)

  7. Haha Its jaidyn!She still has that headband you guys made(Btw if any one didnt know im Jaidyns older sisster)

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