Knitting Accessory Fun

When I posted about the YARN CLAM last week Susan left me comment suggesting that I take a look at Lantern Moon’s Knit Out Box.  She was sweet enough to leave a link which, of course, I clicked on.  The boxes were beautiful and I knew right away that they would be perfect for lace knitting.

I was hard pressed to decide which color combination to order first.  First? Oh yes, I’ve decided I must collect all of them!

Most yarn container accessories, including last weeks YARN CLAM,  all seem to have a problem in common. Once the yarn is in the container and threaded out the hole there is no way to remove it without cutting the yarn.  Lantern Moon has solved that problem by putting a lovely Oriental frog closure below the opening.  Should you need to remove the yarn you can do so easily.

Another thing I like about the Knit Out Box is that it is large enough to put the lace project inside when you have stopped for the day.  My Fruit of the Vine scarf is fitting quite nicely in the box and will stay safe and clean.  I’ll let you know if it still fits when it gets larger.  There is a handle on the box to carry it and the lid stays snuggly in place with two more frog closures.

I also ordered some Lantern Moon cable needles and they came in this nice container.  I can’t wait to try them on my Vickie Sweater come Thursday.

8 Comments on “Knitting Accessory Fun

  1. That box is beautiful! I could see it sitting out on a coffee table as decoration when you’re not knitting from it.

  2. Quit it! These gadgets are too cool. I will resist the temptation. Although it has given me an idea on how to build my own. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous boxes! I have not seen those in our stores yet….

    Btw, I found some star bead/stitch markers….I wanted to ask if you found some that would fit on size 6 needles and above. The ones I found fit size 5 and under…..if there are some a bit larger I’ll keep looking…those are perfect!

  4. This is an awesome box! It’s not just practical but beautiful, too. I was using a yarn clam and my yarn got very tangled and I had to decide to either cut the yarn or try to untangle the mess with a lid weighing the yarn down. What a mess but I did get it untangled. But this is an awesome solution and so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Marilyn in NM
    knittinmar on Ravelry

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