Sock Knitters Anonymous – October

Pattern:  Damask Rose by Judy’s Colors

Start Date:  October 6, 2009

Finish Date:  November 25, 2009

I knit this Christmas stocking for the Sock Knitters Anonymous October Challenge.  It took about six weeks to knit because of all the other projects I have on the needles.  The pattern is colorful and bright however, I’m not sure that I will purchase another one of these patterns.  I have an itch to design my own using some traditional Norwegian patterns!

9 Comments on “Sock Knitters Anonymous – October

  1. Lovely sock & the colors are gorgeous. I don’t think I can knit one in 6 weeks, maybe 6 months.

  2. It really is gorgeous! I knit one of “judy’s” kits too recently. I think they are a tad over-priced, just between you and me. (No one else reads this blog do they??? – lol). I have admired them for quite some time. Your pattern is especially lovely, and of course you did a superb job on it!

  3. As usual, you knitting is beautiful. I never noticed your little sentence up there before: walking with hinds feet on my high places. Have you ever read “Hinds Feet on High Places?” It’s been years since I have and I forgot about it until I saw that.

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