A Thorpe Hat

Some of you long time readers may remember when my nephew came to live with us a few years ago.  We had him for a short period of time to help him get caught up in school.  He later went on to live permanently with my parents who have done a wonderful job raising him.  He’s not a little guy any longer but now towers over me at 6’2″.

I had promised a hat to him so while I was visiting I knit Kristen Kapur’s THORPE hat.  It went very quickly with bulky weight yarn.  I was a little surprised that he liked the kind with the braids hanging down but he thought it very cool.  His friends thought it pretty cool too and said it looked like a ‘store bought’ hat.  Is that a complement?

This was such a quick knit that I think I need one myself.  Do any of you have a favorite bulky weight yarn? This was my first experience with this weight and I would love some suggestions!

12 Comments on “A Thorpe Hat

  1. manos del uruguay wool classica. oh gosh is it great. and the space dyed colorways are delicious.

    Brown sheep makes a great bulky that is awesome for hats, too.

    makes me want a new hat, too…

  2. I love thorpe hats. I made one form rowan chunky tweed that I love. I remember when he was living with you, I;m glad he’s doing well with your parents.

  3. I also like Manos and Black Sheep Bulky.

    The hat looks great. I would venture to think that he likes it mostly because it’s from you, and he knows every stitch contains a warm hug.

  4. Does he snowboard? I heard that it’s a big deal, very cool to wear a hand made hat while snowboarding.

    It looks fabulous on him! Great job! Love the braids too! 🙂

  5. At that age I’d think store bought was a definite compliment, I mean we wouldn’t want anyone to think we didn’t get our stuff anywhere other then the most popular places.

    I’m knitting right now with Cascade Eco Wool, its bulky, and I love it.

  6. Wow he has grown a lot. I bet those socks that you knit him don’t fit any more huh? The hat looks great. I don’t usually knit with bulky yarn but I love Plymouth Alpaca Grande it might be considered super bulky though.

  7. Great hat – this has been on my queue for some time. I don’t have a favorite bulky yarn, but now I want to try what’s been mentioned here!

  8. The hat looks great on your nephew. It looks better than a store bought. I don’t knit with bulky yarn as it’s not suitable for our climate here.

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