Snowflakes on a Cold Day

It is is bitterly cold here in the Rockies this morning with subzero temperatures.  With snowflakes gently falling outside it seems to be a perfect day to share my finished Snowflake Socks with you.  I’m glad that I don’t have to get out today.  Instead, I think I will be stoking up the fire, enjoying some spiced tea and contemplating what socks I will knit next for the December 2009 Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge.

I enjoyed knitting these Snowflake Socks and found it satisfying to use up some stashed yarn.  The Dale of Norway Heilo softened up considerably after blocking which makes me really want to get going on a couple Dale of Norway sweaters that I have earmarked for stash yarn.

I’m a bit disappointed with the fit of the toes on this sock.  I’ve never knit this kind of toe before and don’t even know what type it is.  Although it was fun to knit the shape is bulky on my toes.  I’m not sure if it is the way the pattern is written or if it is the structure of my foot, probably the latter.

The designer for the November Sockdown challenge was Chrissy Gardiner.  When I saw this sock pattern I envisioned wearing them with my old fashioned flannel nightgown.  Of course, I also envisioned wearing a nightcap with the ensemble!  What do you think?  My husband lowers our thermostat to 60 degrees every night so I think a nightcap might get some use.  But then, we do sleep under a down comforter which keeps us plenty warm.

Pattern: Snowflake Socks

Designer: Chrissy Gardiner

Source: Fall 2007 Interweave Knits

Yarn: Dale of Norway Heilo

Needle Size: 2.75 mm

12 Comments on “Snowflakes on a Cold Day

  1. Oh I love them! I’m all about snowflakes. I desire to live in Alaska so that I can live in a very snowy place. But alas, I don’t think my family would stand for both me and my brother living there. Since he’s been there for many years now, I guess I’ll ahve to wait.

    Could you send some snow to St. Louis?

  2. That looks like a star toe, which is my favorite type since it fits my foot so well. The wedge toes always twist on me.

    But I see what you mean – the sock toes are definitely too big for your feet.

    Maybe it’s because of the difference in the stranded and plain portions, since the stranded part looks like a perfect fit.

  3. Gorgeous socks! I knit that toe once too and didn’t like it either. Now I just always sub in my favorite toe. I highly recommend Malabrigo for a nightcap. I’ve been sleeping with one for a few years now and not only does it not itch but there’s not a single pill on it despite two winters of use. I made myself a second one this year and have yarn set aside for a couple more.

  4. Those are beautiful! I have been watching the weather your way, and know that your feet will appreciate these socks.

    I think you should consider ripping back the toes to make them work better with your feet. You will enjoy and wear them more if you do that.

  5. Beautiful socks! I think you’ll get a lot of wear out of them this winter, and a nightcap would be the perfect accompaniment!

  6. You are on a very pretty sock roll – WOW…they are beautiful in red and white! We go down to 60 at night here too!

  7. Pretty socks! I’ve only done a star toe once, and don’t like the fit, either. I also did a star finish on a mitten, and didn’t much like it there either.
    We go to 64 here at night, and that’s plenty cold for me.

  8. Gorgeous & I love them. I have been wanting to knit these but trying to find the time to adjust the pattern to toe-up.

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