Three French Hens

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me –


And while those cute little hens were hatching out of their eggs I pulled  St. Brigid out of hibernation and made her into a Euro size pillow.

St. Brigid is an Alice Starmore pattern found in one of my favorite books, Aran Knitting. I love this sweater but I jumped in way over my head when I started her back in 2007.  She hibernated for a year or so and when I picked her up again I quickly realized there were some serious issues with gauge. I never knit a gauge swatch and my tension had changed significantly over the years.  I couldn’t bear to frog these beautiful cables and decided this knitting could be turned into a lovely pillow, and a LARGE pillow at that.  It wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it was going to be.  In fact, I’m off to search through baskets to see if their are any other UFOs that might prefer to become pillows……..

9 Comments on “Three French Hens

  1. I love the way you are showcasing your projects. Very
    clever and cute. I also love the Anne Geddes, 12 Days
    of Christmas. And of course your projects are great.

  2. What an incredibly clever idea! and … a simply lovely pillow. Thank you for sharing your knitting over this
    past year – best wishes for a happy & peaceful New

  3. Fantastic pillow! Aran knit pillows are hot decorating items right now, so you’re right in style. Much better to make it into a pillow than frog it.

    You’ve given me an idea. I have had the Aran Knitting book for years, but have not knit anything from it yet and I also have a few skeins of Rowan Magpie yarn that is not enough for a sweater but may be enough for a pillow!

  4. I’ll start with the previous two posts. I Love Those Hats!

    Your new pillow is the best answer to the issues you faced with the sweater. It is so gorgeous.

  5. Good plan, the pillow. I have an old cabled sweater that got a bit felted by its previous owner–didn’t have the heart to trash it, can’t unravel it–maybe pillow-it ☺ Happy New Year

  6. That was an ingenious idea! It would have caused me actual pain to think about your frogging all those gorgeous cables.

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