Four Calling Birds

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love cave to me –

Four Calling Birds

And while those calling birds were sitting outside my window thinking about whom they were going to call upon they saw me frogging the Vickie Cardigan that I started back in 2007.  I made this decision yesterday afternoon when I lay my newly finished left front down on the floor next to the right front and discovered I had knit it with the cables in the wrong order!  This sweater has been fraught with one mishap after the other and sometimes, after so many things go wrong, it is best to frog and pick a new pattern.  The Vickie pattern is lovely and I don’t plan to abandon this pattern entirely but, for now, it just isn’t working for me.

So last night I found a pattern on Ravelry called Twist that someone had knit in the Black Water Abbey yarn.  I’ll give it a whirl later this year.  I’m not that crazy about hoodies so I will be knitting it with the wide collar option.  The pattern has been printed off safely tucked away with frogged yarn.

Last January I made a promise to myself that I would frog all unfinished projects that I had lost mojo on.  I’m clearing the deck for 2010 and it feels great!  I’m really trying to train myself to be a monogamous knitter or, at least, to knit only one sweater at a time.  In fact, my New Year’s Knitting Resolution is to have only four things on the needles at a time (one sweater, one pair of socks, one shawl and one ‘accessory’).  That’s the plan….hold me to it!

3 Comments on “Four Calling Birds

  1. Sorry that Vickie didn’t work out, but Twist is a great pattern that should work out well for you. Like you, I don’t wear hoodies and think that Bonne Marie was thoughtful to include a collar option!

    Monogamous knitting is my usual MO. Enjoy the feeling of freedom from UFO guilt!

  2. So sorry to hear of the demise of Vickie. I wear mine all the time and love it. I am sure Twist will be a great sweater too. Hope the mojo returns.

  3. Congratulations on frogging what needed frogging.

    That sounds like a fabulous plan. I hope your year fits with it.

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