Looking Back at 2009 – Knitting

It is a wonderful thing to ponder all you have accomplished when a new year begins!  With a few UFOs lingering around it is easy to feel like you didn’t achieve your goals.   Or at least, that is how I feel when I don’t enter the new year with a clean slate.  But as I looked back through the blog archives of this last year I realized that I had accomplished much more than I thought I had.

I finished three Alice Starmore patterns which is an accomplishment in and of itself.  Aran, Lace and Fair Isle, my three favorite knitting techniques.  The Inishmaan sweater kept me captivated with all the twists and turns of cables.  The Seaweed Wrap was my first exposure to Alice Starmore Yarn and I absolutely fell in love with Hebridean 2-ply.  This wrap keeps me nice and toasty on many a cold winter night in the Rockies.  And, Oregon?  What can I say about that wonderful project?  I felt like an artist!  The colors were spectacular and mesmerized me.  I found myself chanting, “Just one more row…..” so that I could see the pattern unfold.

The Seaweed Wrap sold me completely on lace and when I finished it I was bitten by that infamous ‘lace bug’.  Being knit with sport-weight yarn it was the heaviest of the three lace shawls I knit this year.

In past years I could never understand why knitters were so attracted to shawls until I knit Swallowtail and discovered that lace shawls are a very practical article of clothing.  They are light and airy so when draped over ones shoulders they offer just enough warmth to keep the chill off without adding bulk.  After knitting Seaweed Wrap with sport-weight yarn I  dropped down to a fingering-weight yarn to knit Swallowtail . Then after Swallowtail I went all the way down to lace-weight yarn and knit Adamas with Knit Picks Shadow.  The Branching Out Scarf was another lace pattern I used to teach some girlfriends how to knit lace.  I wrapped up the year knitting Fruit of the Vine for my mom’s Christmas present.

I only knit two pairs of mittens this year, the CAT Mittens and a pair of mittens for my best friend’s down syndrome son.  I will be going on a massive mitten knitting campaign for him soon because he has a rare blood clotting disorder and needs to keep his fingers toasty warm indoor and outdoors.  My girlfriend told me that down syndrome kids need mittens because they can’t get their fingers into gloves very well.  She says she has not been able to find wool mittens anywhere so keep that in mind when you choose your charity knitting this year my knitting friends!  She said they are GREATLY needed.

I had a scanty sock turnout this year but my sock draw is crammed full of hand-knit socks which are to me the greatest of luxuries.  Nothing beats hand-knit socks in my humble opinion!

When we were in the Pacific Northwest last fall, I started a Traveling Memory Blanket to commemorate our travels.  Wherever we travel I will locate a yarn shop and pick a skein of yarn that is representative of that area and knit a basic mitered square as we explore the area.  My husband heartily approves of this idea which means he will endorse visiting yarn shops on our travels!  Some day we will curl up under our Traveling Memory Blanket and recall all those wonderful travels.

In 2009 I knit six hats but only took pictures of four hats.  Two Thorpes for my nephew, one Koolhaas for my daughter and one Knotty But Nice hat for her friend.

That just about wraps up the ‘successful’ knitting of 2009.  Tomorrow I will show you what I did with some ‘unsuccessful’ knitting.  It has been good for me to reflect on what I have accomplished and feels me with excitement of what fabulous knitting 2010 holds.

Happy New Year knitting friends!

6 Comments on “Looking Back at 2009 – Knitting

  1. Beautiful knitting – you really did amazing projects in 2009!

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing what you knit in 2010!

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