Must Have Cardigan Turned Pillows

On this fine UFO Thursday, instead of knitting, I took my UFO Must Have Cardigan and turned it into two lovely pillows.

This is the second time I’ve taken a project that I’ve lost interest in and turned them into pillows.  I love this concept!  Just like my St. Brigid-sweater-turned-pillow I think I will really enjoy looking at these two pillows in my guest bedroom.

I’ve noticed recently that Aran Pillows are showing up in various catalogs that I receive in the mail and they all have a startling price tag attached to them.  It gives me great satisfaction to know that my pillows are significantly cheaper (significantly) and have knitting love poured into them.

I’m done with making UFO pillows for the time-being.  I contemplated making ALCEA into a pillow but Anne encouraged me to give it a good steaming before making that decision.  She, being the wise woman that she is, knew that as I played with that fair isle fabric and those lovely colors I would fall in love with it all over again.  So, starting next week, my UFO Thursdays will be dedicated to ALCEA.

8 Comments on “Must Have Cardigan Turned Pillows

  1. I was going to say the same thing — no pillow talk for ALCEA!

    I made pillows out of my languishing UFOs this past year, too. I’ve gotten a lot more satisfaction out of my aran sweater becoming a pillow than I probably would have if I had finished it and worn it occasionally.

    The other project that I pillow-fied was a log cabin blanket I started ages ago during the Mason-Dixon craze. The back was just so ugly and so making it in to a pillow worked out well.

    I like that we can turn our UFOs in to pillows… bit it’s dangerous because it’ll become too easy to do this in the future! Haha! We must press on and finish more I guess. Well, I should speak for myself. You get so many beautiful, AMAZING projects done!


  2. I love your pillows! They look expensive, like in those fancy magazines.

    Alcea is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it done. 🙂

  3. Great use of UFO’s….but I still morn your St. Brigid. 😦 But then, I suppose you get to enjoy yours every day, and mine….not so much. Anyway – your new Aran pillows are indeed works of art! Display them proudly.

    I have visions of tiny odd shaped bolero pillows….all those sock knitters out there with their SSS. LOL!! Perhaps it could be a new decorating craze!!

  4. Okay I LOVE that idea. now I know what I’m goign to do with my Ringbloomst sweater if I can’t figure out how to salvage it as an actual sweater. I could even take the sleeves and make tube pillows!

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