A street is more often than not paved with a hard durable surface such as concrete, cobblestones or brick.  It might be patched here and there with asphalt.  But sometimes a street can be as simple as a level patch of dirt, or in my case a not-so-level patch of dirt.

Some of you may live on main streets, some on side streets but hopefully none of you live in alleys.  I live on a rural mountain road at the top of my neighborhood.  Actually, I live on a circle that, when walked around, is one mile in distance.

My favorite form of exercise is jogging but because my ‘streets’ are not conducive to jogging I am restricted to running on my indoor treadmill.  In the wintertime my streets are either icy or snowy.  In the springtime they are muddy.  In the summer they are slippery with loose gravel.

And, even if the aforementioned conditions didn’t exist my streets would still be difficult to jog on because they are not level.  It is either straight uphill or straight downhill.  They are, however, enjoyable to walk on although my walks are more akin to hiking than walking.

On the days that I do not jog I enjoy getting out for a brisk walk around the neighborhood and today was such a day.  With the temperature hovering slightly below freezing and snow in the forecast I bundled up in warm woolens.  I glanced over my shoulder at Pikes Peak as I left the driveway and it looked clear.

The street I live on is plowed by the county and is looking great this week.  Some parts of it are dry.  Some parts are icy and some are still snow packed.  Nevertheless, they are difficult to navigate unless you have a four-wheel or all-wheel-drive.  The UPS man has been known to park at the end of our driveway and walk down to our house instead of steering down the drive….or, he will back in.

The snow never seems to melt.  It tries to melt but is halted mid-day when the temperatures dip below freezing.

When I step off the road into a snow drift I am reminded that I told myself last year that I need ‘real’ snow boots but I love my hiking boots and they are very comfortable.  There is well over a foot of snow that isn’t going anywhere until it adds to its height with the next snowfall.

When I got back to the top of the circle where my house was and began to head down the driveway Pikes Peak looked like snow was impending.

Off came the hiking boots, off came the hand-knit wool socks, off came hat, scarf and gloves.  On went the electric tea kettle …………….and now, down comes the snow.

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