Endless Lice

The simple repeat of alternating dots is the “lice” patterning used as a background in the body of many Norwegian sweaters.  It seems endless at this point on my traditional Sirdal Sweater but I ‘m thankful for the lice, thankful because it could be endless plain stockinette stitch.  And that, my friends would be far worse!

If you look closely you can see the pearl row at the bottom which will be the fold line for Sirdal’s hem.  It’s driving me a bit crazy at the moment because it keeps curling up.  I’m tempted to go ahead and fold the lower edge to the inside along this fold line and sew it to the wrong side but think it is probably best to wait until the finish line.  I need to continue the ‘lice’ pattern until the Sirdal body measures 13″.

Jeanne asked if my motifs are lining up and, at this point, they are.  However, I do need to start doing some preliminary motif calculations for the top shoulder design because it is most important that the design is symmetrical across the back.

From what I have read about Norwegian knitting designs, an even number of repeats often does not occur as in Fair Isle knitting.  In Fair Isle knitting you knit the pattern completely in the round, from center steek to center steek.  But with a Norwegian sweater you have placed markers at specified points in the work marking the side edges.  To work from a Norwegian pattern graph you begin at the cardigan opening and knit to the side marker.  Then I will begin again and work the back of the body to the next side marker.  The left front will need to be a mirror image of the right front and that is where I will need to graph out the motif.

That is, unless any of you Norwegian knitters can suggest another option.  So, this is will be my plan and I am hoping it is the right path to follow.  Meanwhile…………back to knitting lice

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