Novel 100

The twelve classics I chose for 2009 were finished in December and all were worthwhile reads.  I had intended to give reviews of them but only squeaked out a few.  Hopefully, I will do better this year.  I do love a good book!

Although the books I’m reading this month are not on the Novel 100 list, I can heartily recommend them.

I’m listening to an audio of Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy and the narrator is making it delightful!  Alan Rickman is able to master the personality of each character in his many voices.  No doubt, all his varied roles over the years have enhanced his imagination.  My favorite role is that of the Colonel in Sense and Sensibility. For the past several years he has played the role of Snape in the Harry Potter movies.  I hope he begins to narrate other classics because he is fabulous!

The Good Earth by Pearl Buck is my ‘afternoon teatime’ reading.  I’m enjoying it equally as well.

Several years ago I read bits and pieces of Paul Johnson’s A History of the American People when I was homeschooling.  Paul Johnson is a British Historian and it may seem strange to some that he has written a history of the American people but he has a great love and passion for our history.

Having majored in history myself, I have been sickened by the re-writing of American history over the past decades.  Paul Johnson has not bowed to the ‘fly-blown philacteries of Political Correctness’ which is the major reason I selected his book.

In the preface he states that he “‘does not acknowledge the existence of hypenated Americans, or Native Americans or any other qualified kind.  They are all Americans to me:  black white, red, brown, yellow, thrown together by fate in that swirling maelstrom of history which has produced the most remarkable people the world has ever seen.  I love them and salute them, and this is their story.”  I THINK I WILL REALLY ENJOY THIS REFRESHING PERSPECTIVE…….

4 Comments on “Novel 100

  1. I just loved Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility! Rebecca and I are huge Jane Austen fans, so just about any of her books/movies are fine by us.

  2. My favorite Alan Rickman movie was Robin Hood – he was too funny in it (but Sense and Sensibility is a close second).

  3. I have Return of the Native on my iPhone strictly for Alan Rickman’s narrative. It’s one way to “read” Hardy…..

    Sirdal is looking fabulous! And I envy you your home. It might not be conducive to jogging but it’s a glorious view.

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