I Just got back from delivering two surprises in St. Louis.  The first surprise was delivered to my great-nephew Will who did not know I was coming for a visit.  Will harbors a little piece of knowledge that tickles his five-year-old heart and sends him into giggles every time he thinks of it.  He discovered on my last visit that his great-aunt  is terrified of snakes and he could quickly send me into a frenzy of terror by ‘surprising’ me with snake photographs.  Well, on this visit I decided to ‘surprise’ him by making him dig through my zippered suitcase to pull out …….

Mr. Slytherin

I had a ridiculous amount of fun knitting this cute little snake.  The entire snake was knit in one piece in the round using leftover sock yarn.  I will confess that as I knit and knit and knit my heart beat a little faster.  It was a fast and fun way to use of leftover yarn.  Mr. Slytherin is 24″ long when uncurled.  The pattern can be found in Susan B. Anderson’s Itty bitty Toys, an adorable book.

Photographing my great-nephew as he played with the snake was difficult because he was in constant motion shaking the creature and wrapping it around his shoulders….and, of course, chasing after me with ‘hissing’ sounds.

My second mission in St. Louis was to surprise my sister-in-law at a birthday party her friends were giving her.  It was one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays and she was totally surprised when I came up from behind and tapped her on the shoulder.  Lots of tears and lots of fun!

8 Comments on “Surprises

  1. HOpe you had a lovely time in my neck of the woods, sounds like you did!

    I love that little snake, he’s on my to do list to knit from that book. Her patterns are so great! I’ve already made the egg/bluebird, and am working on one of the dolls.

    But I have soooo much sock yarn, that let’s face it will never make it to be a pair of socks, I can’t wait to knit some toys up with it.

  2. ohhh he’s so cute. Since T arrived all I want to do is knit her toys, she’s going to be overtaken by them 🙂

  3. Those are two great stories! You must have had so much
    fun surprising your great nephew and your SIL. The snake
    is adorable. Is there anything more fun than planning
    and surprising family?

  4. Rebecca, thanks for this post, it made smile and remember that making someone else happy is what makes life fun.

    (P.S. Mr. Slytherin is the only kind of snake I could deal with, too …)

  5. LOL….sounds like you had a great time. I’ll have to remember that snake pattern for BG. Last summer we caught the real think out in our back yard. (Sorry for any image it may produce, but yes….it’s a summer time ritual, I catch one snake each summer….just to prove that I can do it). I was the little girl they chased home from school with a snake when I was a kid. I didn’t want my kids to be that way, so the tradition started when my son was tiny. What a mom (or grand-mum) will do, huh???

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